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    How to Be With Resistance

    Excerpt taken from the February 14th 2021 Sunday Satsang talking about how to be with resistance so that we may welcome all of our experience into the present moment.

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    Let Things Fall Apart

    Excerpt taken from the January 10th Sunday Satsang talking about how when we let things fall apart we can see our true nature, that which does not fall apart.

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    Imogen & Scott Turner Discussion

    This was a 1-1 session turned interview/discussion with Scott Turner at the beginning of March 2021 after he attended a 3 day Diving Deep Retreat in February. Scott had asked to do an interview for his YouTube channel and this private session turned somewhat into that so we decided to publish this instead. I mention this as this was a semi a-typical session. Normally the focus is much more on the direct exploration of Self, rather than answering general questions, but it was a very interesting discussion and talks a lot to the specifics of the Divine Light Transmission that I give…. raw and unfiltered.

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    The Whisper of The Heart

    Excerpt talking about listening to the whisper of the heart in order that we might know the purpose of life. Taken from the December 2020 Diving Deep Retreat.

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    We Are That Love

    Excerpt talking about love and welcoming all aspects of life into that flow of love. Taken from the February 14th, 2021 Bi-monthly Sunday Satsang.

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    It’s You Who’s Living This Life

    Excerpt talking about finding those ‘shoulds’ that cause so much suffering and learning to trust life, trust your Self rather than acting from old conditioning. Taken from a Satsang during the December 2020 Diving Deep 7 day retreat.

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    What Is “Being With What’s Here”?

    Video excerpt talking about how to be with what’s here, more than just holding space. Finding a deeper clarity and higher resolution for that which afflicts us. Also touching on what I mean when I speak about the spiritual heart. Excerpt taken from the December 2020 Diving Deep 7 day retreat.

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    From Doership to Seeing

    Video excerpt talking about going from doership to seeing there is no doer taken from the Sunday 13th December 2020 Bi-monthly Zoom Group Satsang.

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    The Seeing Is The Doing

    Video excerpt talking about how seeing is the only doing necessary, taken from the Sunday 13th December 2020 bi-monthly zoom group Satsang.

  • Divine Light Transmission,  Video

    What Do I Need to Do During the Transmission?

    “What do should I be doing during the Divine Light Transmission?” is a question I get asked frequently so I just thought I’d take a moment to answer in a video… Enjoy 🙏

    But as a recap:

    • Be open and receptive – say a big ‘yes’ in your heart o receive what is in your highest good and in service of awakening.
    • Sit comfortably, eye closed – eye closed is a personal preference as I find it settles you down and brings the attention inward.
    • Have the attention lightly on the felt bodily experience rather than in the mind of judgements & analysis – this means let come what comes, let go what goes and try not to judge what is happening or even look for something that you think ‘should’ be happening!
    • Rest – it helps with integrating the energy into the body. The 15 minutes of silent sitting meditation afterwards is for this purpose too, but take some extra rest if that feels good to.
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    ‘Beyond Imogen’ Interview by Renate McNay

    So I did a thing and here it is… an interview with Renate McNay for Conscious TV.
    It’s honestly something that was scary and uncomfortable for me from the get-go, sending my comfort zone running out of the building for its dear life because this thing was not something that I’d ever imagined or wanted for myself. But life these past years has very much been about stepping out of the way, taking the handbrake off and TRUSTING life fully.
    And guess what… I actually ended up really enjoying myself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I want to thank Renate for so gently and kindly supporting me through this process, making it so easy and enjoyable. I’ve loved getting to interact and know you a little these past few months, and I’m honoured to join the ConsciousTV family.
    I hope you all enjoy it <3



    Link to transcription on ConsciousTV – http://conscious.tv/text/161.htm

    Renate: Welcome to ConsciousTV. My name is Renate McNay and my guest today is Imogen Sita Webber and we are still in the corona time and Imogen is in Wales and I’m in Oxfordshire. So, it’s a completely different experience, interviewing on Zoom, not quite sure about it – so let’s try it.

    Imogen: Yes

    Renate: So, I’d like to start with a little bit looking into your story and how you became who you are now, a spiritual teacher, well, you call yourself a spiritual mentor. And Imogen is also a writer, a brilliant writer, there’s lot of wonderful things to write on your website and you give Divine Light Transmission, and we find out a little bit later what that is. And, so you grew up with the understanding everything is consciousness.

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    What Life Asks of You

    A video excerpt from the June 14th Sunday Zoom Group.

    The questions that were asked were:
    Are you always good with what life asks from you?
    Do you still like the change or development?

    Details of the Sunday Zoom Groups and other events can be found on the ‘events’ page.

    The YouTube link to this video: https://youtu.be/tg6saIOIzTo


    Transcript of Excerpt

    I’m always sort of advocating and saying how important I feel acceptance is in life. That acceptance of what is. But what does that look like practically speaking, when life is sometimes asking something of you, as it invariably does. Asks you to drop something that’s not working anymore. Or step up to something that quite clearly your life is moving in that direction. And then you get things like resistance coming in and you get the mind kind of analyzing and going, “should I do this? Should I do that?” But this is the way life is moving and so that question sort of sparked this feeling of you know, it’s very well and good saying you should accept whatever is coming up in your life. But does that mean that you don’t have resistance? That you don’t have doubt? That you don’t have a sense of, “I don’t want this.” Does it mean I have those things?

    You know, people assume that awakening means you don’t. You don’t deal with these issues anymore, you don’t question life. You just have this deep acceptance. And yes, while that is very true, it doesn’t mean on a practical relative surface level, that you don’t come up against those things. That I don’t come up against those things, I do. I do struggle with life sometimes where I see the inevitability of something, and yet there’s something still in me that is like, “boy, this feels uncomfortable.” Or, “I didn’t imagine this for myself.” And then there’s a sense of maybe grief that comes up, or sense of resistance or struggle with that. Now, it’s all held in this bigger space of acceptance. Even the resistance, even the doubt, even the railing against life. Is still all held in that love, in that acceptance, in that compassion for life. But yeah, do I still struggle with these things? Of course.

    Sometimes life is asking something of you that feels too much. That feels like the small human brain can’t comprehend where this step leads to the next step to leads to the next step. And all it can see is this doesn’t make sense. In all this it feels… it’s not just about the mind, it’s about the body, is the body ready?

    So yeah, I very much do. And I think people assume that if they’re… and this is why I’m bringing this up, because they assume that if they’re going through a struggle, that they’re the only ones that possibly could be going through that. And if they’re going through that struggle or they’re going through that resistance or whatever it is, that they’re going through, that makes them “unenlightened”, that makes them, “not conscious” and not doing the work and all of these sort of ideas and these projections that if I’m experiencing this, it means… it could even go as far as to say it means I’m a lost cause. I’ve had people come to me and say “I’m a lost cause because I experienced this” and, and I say “No, see that there’s a bigger acceptance in this picture. See that there’s a bigger place of compassion and acceptance and love that has room for even all of this stuff, this very sort of human experiences. To not assume that you’ve somehow got to wipe the slate clean in order to recognize your own nature. All of this stuff happens within that.”

    As for the second part of the question, Do I still like change or development? Like?! Oi!

    Again, it’s both. Do I like it? Sometimes it’s not comfortable. So no, in those moments sometimes I really don’t. But there’s a bigger picture. And this is where I say both, and because there’s always a bigger picture. Yes, there’s acceptance and there’s acknowledgement of those individual fluctuations in life, let’s call them. Change is inevitable. You can’t escape change. Does it stop with awakening? No, not at all. I used to think it would actually. I had this grand vision that, you know, awakening would be like, “that’s it, we’re done.” And I actually found the opposite.

    Change and growth are inevitable and actually the brakes come off because the strategy to avoid that change, it dissolves, it disintegrates, it doesn’t hold up. But it doesn’t mean I’m always totally on board with it. On a deeper level, absolutely. But on the surface level, does frustration come up? Yeah. Because life asks of us sometimes things which feel impossible. Asks us to let go of something which feels very dear to us. Our sense of who we are. Our image of ourselves. The sense that we’re in control. Many things, there’s many things.

    So even if those things are coming up in you, or any number of other things are coming up in you, it’s okay. Can you even accept that? Can you fold even those things into that level of acceptance and that recognition of life being as life is. To not have expectations of life is a really difficult one. To be in life, with life, in communion with life rather than having ideas of what life should or shouldn’t be.

    We’re not in control of what life calls of us. Even this idea of you can avoid something. Life has sort of got an inevitability about it. It’s in the mail. Even if we think we’re successfully shoving something under the carpet there’s an inevitability about it. That at some point life will cycle background and ask that of us. To see that. To integrate that. To accept that.