Imogen Llanerch

19th – 21st November

Diving Deep Retreat

with Imogen

Imogen Llanerch

19th – 21st November

Diving Deep Retreat

with Imogen

Joining the Retreat

Use the zoom link below to join the retreat sessions.

You will need to sign up for a free account and download the app on your computer/device beforehand.

alternatively use the meeting ID:  592-586-8041 and password:  grace

This three day online retreat will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the energy of the Divine Light Transmissions and take a deep dive inward.  I strongly recommend setting aside as much practical matters (work, home, school, socialising) as you can during this three day retreat so that you may gain the full effects and benefits of this inward stroke. I will be joining you in retreat, making myself fully available via email should anything arise that you want to discuss or share during these days.

Across the three days there will be nine sessions, you can attend all or just some of the sessions although I recommend attending all if you can. Regardless of how many you are able to attend I’d recommend coming to the first session on Friday 19th at 5pm UK (GMT) as there’ll be information about the rest of the retreat – a recording of this session will be available upon request if you can’t make it.

Please arrive promptly to all sessions as I will ‘lock’ the zoom room at the start of each session. I will open up the zoom room 15 minutes prior to the start of each session so that you can get yourself settled and sit quietly in meditation with me ready for the start of the transmission.

You do not need to sign up ahead of time for this retreat (although it’s always nice to have an idea of numbers so feel free to email and let me know you’re planning to attend).

The suggested donation is £90 for the full retreat (or £10 per session).

You can donate whatever is affordable for you – please don’t let money be the reason you don’t attend.

Here is a button to donate on Paypal. If you need an alternative payment method just contact me and I can arrange that.

Or send a direct PayPal payment from your PayPal account to

Any questions about the retreat don’t hesitate to email me but also check out the FAQ section below.

Full Schedule

** PLEASE NOTE: Session times are all listed in UK Time which is GMT+0  – a selection of other time zones are listed to the right of this **

** PLEASE NOTE: Session times are all listed in UK Time which is GMT+0  – a selection of other time zones are listed underneath this **

Friday, November 19th

Session 1: Intro/Orientation & 30 minute Transmission

This session will include practical announcements, retreat recommendations, Q&As and an opportunity to introducing yourselves to me and the group if you’d like. A Divine Light Transmission will be at the end. Recording available on request if you’re unable to make it.

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm (UK)

(9:00 am PST, 12:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm CET, and 4:00 am on Saturday AEDT)

Session 2: 30 minute Transmission & Meditation

9:00 pm – 9:30 pm (UK)

(1:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm EST, 10:00 pm CET, and 8:00 am on Saturday AEDT)

Saturday, November 20th

Session 1: 1 hour Transmission & Meditation

11:00 am – 12:00 pm (UK)

(3:00 am PST, 6:00 am EST, 12:00 pm CET, and 10:00 pm AEDT)

Session 2: 30 minute Transmission & Meditation

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (UK)

(6:00 am PST, 9:00 am EST, 3:00 pm CET, and 1:00 am on Sunday AEDT)

Session 3: 1 hour Transmission & Meditation

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (UK)

(9:00 am PST, 12:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm CET, and 4:00 am on Sunday AEDT)

Session 4: 30 minute Transmission & Meditation

9:00 pm – 9:30 pm (UK)

(1:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm EST, 10:00 pm CET, and 8:00 am on Sunday AEDT)

Sunday, November 21st

Session 1: 1 hour Transmission & Meditation

11:00 am – 12:00 am (UK)

(3:00 am PST, 6:00 am EST, 12:00 pm CET, and 10:00 pm AEDT)

Session 2: 30 minute Transmission & Meditation

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (UK)

(6:00 am PST, 9:00 am EST, 3:00 pm CET, and 1:00 am on Monday AEDT)

Session 3: Satsang & 30 minute Transmission

This session will include the opportunity to share experiences and insights, as well as ask any questions you might have. A Divine Light Transmission will be at the end. Recording available on request if you’re unable to make it.

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (UK)

(9:00 am PDT, 12:00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm CET, and 4:00 am on Monday AEDT)

If you need to check your time zone I suggest using

UK Time is London, UK or GMT+0


Here are my suggestions for during the Divine Light Transmission:

Sit comfortably and ground your body – Sit so your body can relax and there’s no strain, take a moment to ground your body before each transmission. Please be clearly visible on zoom for me.

Be open and receptive to receive what is in your highest good for your awakening.

• Stay out of the mind, stay with felt energetic or bodily experience – Try not to judge or evaluate, don’t look for markers or experiences. Some feel something others don’t, doesn’t matter.

Eyes closed – I personally recommend eyes closed (or relaxed) as it helps the attention to go inward rather than be too distracted with the goings on around you. But experiment with what feels comfortable for you. If you ‘get caught’ in your thoughts with your eyes closed you may find lightly meeting my gaze helpful.

• Stay for the entire duration of the Transmission – Even though I may lower my hands towards the end of the transmission it does not indicate the ‘end’ of the transmission as there’s a period of integration that happens towards the end which is just as important to be present for. So plan to stay for the entire session until the final bell sounds.

Rest afterwards – No jumping into activity as the transmission works on very deep and subtle levels, even if you feel like you weren’t obviously affected by the it on the surface. I recommend at least 15 further minutes of rest once the session has finished.

I strongly recommend putting down all practical, social, work etc. as much as possible

Get plenty of rest – You may notice you’re more tired than usual – this is normal, give yourself permission to rest as much as is needed during the retreat.

Take the opportunity for silence and inward introspection – Meditate or sit quietly as much as possible.

Minimise inputs – I feel this is an important one to mention. Internet, TV, Media, Conversations – these all bring the attention outwards which means you could miss what is coming up from your own depths. When on a retreat it’s an opportunity to put it down and be with what is arising – to actually encourage that even, a lot tends to come up to the surface on retreats and learning to be present and compassionately holding space for it, and yourself helps with the processing of this. Don’t get me wrong… that can be uncomfortable and the mind will beg for distractions…. but it is very much part of and in service to the purpose of the retreat – a deep dive inward.

Journal – Journaling can be a very helpful way to help process what is coming up. Be mindful to strike a balance of how you journal because that can become a distraction too, much like media. I suggest don’t hold on to any of the words, let the journal be the page to let it out and let it go and stay in touch and grounded in your felt experience rather than in the mind while journaling.

Light exercise, walking, yogas stretching – Between each session after you’ve rested. At a minimum I highly recommend before each session stretch and shake out – it’s very good for moving energy and grounding yourself in the felt experience, and connecting with the body. If you’re feeling restlessness and excess energy take a walk in nature to help balance the nervous system.

Stay out of the mind where possible – Don’t hold on to any experience or any expectation of experience. Try not to label, judge or analyse your experiences. Don’t try to control your experience or your mind just bring the attention back to the felt bodily/energetic level of experience rather than in the mind – allow it to come up and out.

Let go and stay open – Be ready to let go of what doesn’t serve you and needs to be let go of.

It’s different for everyone – Everyone will have different experiences so don’t compare. We are ALL receiving what we need in any given moment and I am here to support you all in that individually and as a group.

Physical and/or emotional discomfort – Awakening can be a destructive process for held beliefs and assumptions in the conditioned mind and during an intensive retreat such as this a lot can come to the surface. This is part of the process and it’s important to not feel this is wrong or bad, it’s actually the opposite. However this can get uncomfortable for some in various ways. If you find this happening to you, firstly stop and lay down, listen to yourself, what your body wants. Secondly, don’t judge or go with the sense of fear around what is coming up, give compassionate space for it like you would a small child who is looking for love. Thirdly, get in touch with me… I’m happy to help and support you through what you are going through.

Be KIND and LOVING towards yourself – Be easy with yourself during these days and the immediate days after – things can take some time to settle and unwind.

While the energy, Divine Light (Shakti/Energy) or Pure Unity Consciousness is the same, each transmission can be experienced slightly differently in that we all get what we need in that moment. The Divine Light Transmission does what it needs to do, moves where it needs to go in each one receiving it.
As the facilitator for this process (let me be clear: it’s not ‘my’ personal energy but divine light/source/shakti energy) I also let the energy and intuition move me too. During the transmission as I come to notice something in a person, an energetic block or knot maybe, I bring my attention and focus to this area with love and with the intention of helping facilitate the softening, dissolutions and integrations of what is occuring.
I start of each Divine Light Transmission with a prayer. Each time it changes slightly as I let the words move and speak through me, but they all have the same general theme and flavour – An intention(s) for those receiving the transmission as well as gratitude to life, to Divine Mother.

There are three different length sessions:

• 30 minute Transmission & Meditation
• 1 hour Transmission & Meditation
• Intro/Satsang & 30 minute Transmission

The first two are as stated – 30 minutes or 1 hour long and consist of a Divine Light Transmission & Meditation. These are given in silence with no talking other than a quick hello from me at the beginning and a bell at the end. On occasion if I feel it would be beneficial to everyone, I add a short guided meditation for a few minutes at the very start.

For the first session of the retreat on Friday 19th at 5:00 pm there will be an introduction/orientation meeting where I will go over the schedule, answer any questions and give my recommendations for the retreat. There will also be a chance to introduce yourself if you wish ask any general questions as well as an opportunity for sharing experiences.

The 5pm session on Sunday 19th will also be a longer session – how long depends on how many people wish to speak but generally I’ll aim for it to be not much longer than 2 hours total, inclusive of the 30 minute transmission and meditation at the end. This Satsang offers the opportunity to share experiences and insights, ask any questions you might have and inquire deeply into the nature of Being. 

**I open up the zoom room for an extra 15 minutes before each session if you would like to sit with me silently – many find added benefit with doing this and actually experience the transmission is already beginning at this point.**

Yes, you are free to come to as many or few as you like. I do however recommend attending as many as possible to receive the full benefits of the retreat.

I do highly encourage you to come to the first session on Friday 19th August at 5pm UK as there will be lots of information about the retreat as well as the opportunity to ask questions. A recording of this first session as well as the Satsang on Sunday will be available upon request if you can’t attend.

If you can’t make some of the sessions due to timezone differences I offer the option to be ‘add’ remotely. For this you will need to send me a recent photo of yourself from the chest up with a little space above the head AND all the sessions that you will be unable to make it to PRIOR to the start of the retreat to

**Important note about remote photo Divine Light Transmissions: I DO NOT recommend engaging in other activities while receiving a remote photo transmission. Sleeping is perfectly fine, or if you’re unable to attend due to not being near the internet or something but can rest or sit quietly eyes closed during the time of the session, that is fine too.*

Yes, I record all of the sessions during the retreat, so by attending this retreat you by default give your permission to have your voice and/or image captured and used for the purpose of sharing Satsang.

I use these recordings very sensitively and take out any private or sensitive information wherever appropriate and/or possible. The aim with any video that get produced from these meetings is to share my words with others and so a retreat participant’s question may be used to provide context for this. 

If you have any issue with this and do not wish to have your voice and/or image shared publicly please inform me beforehand so we can discuss options on how best to participate in the retreat.

For the 5pm meetings on Friday 19th and Sunday 21st I will on request, provide a link to re-watch or watch the session.

These will be available for a limited time only to those participating in the retreat and not available for download.

The sessions available for request are:

  • Friday November 19th, 5pm UK – Session 1: Orientation/Introduction
  • Sunday November 21st, 5pm UK – Session 3: Satsang

So as not to be disruptive for the group I will turn on the zoom ‘lock meeting’ function at the start time of the session as I will be promptly starting the transmission/meeting.

What does this mean? It means you won’t be able to gain entry to the meeting.

So please arrive BEFORE the start time!

During the retreat I make myself fully available on email to the group and am happy to answer any questions, and read and respond to any reports – I really encourage you to take full advantage of this, people generally report a much more wholistic and deep and fruitful retreat when they engage in sharing the things that are coming up for them. My email address is:

Two of the sessions (5:00 pm on November 19th & 5:00 pm on November 21st) also offer the opportunity to ask questions in a group setting and engage in a spiritual discourse – these are label ‘Satsang’ in the schedule. The answers to your questions can often be quite helpful to everyone so I encourage you take advantage of these sessions too for this reason. If you’re feeling particularly shy you can send me an email prior to the session with your question – where I can read it out anonymously if you’d prefer. 

PLEASE NOTE: I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to check emails after 4:30pm so please send before this. 

I don’t recommend using the chat window in zoom as it can easily become a little chaotic and distracting for everyone, with questions easily missed this way.

Either way… don’t let your queries go unanswered, even if you’re worried it’s a silly question… those often are the questions that many people are having but are embarrassed or self-conscious to ask!

Ideally yes, at least for the actual Divine Light Transmission it’s much easier for me as I’m able to be more nuanced with the transmission if you have your webcam on.

If this is not possible please make sure you either send me a current photo of yourself from the chest up prior to the retreat starting or set your profile picture on zoom to a picture of yourself.

Retreat Testimonials

" My first meeting with Imogen was on her retreat on Zoom in the end of February. I immediately felt in my heart her loving and empathic energy, which made my body quickly very relaxed and my heart receptive for the upcoming meditations and transmissions. Although there was not much talking the first days I felt her clear and respectful boundaries in the group, which made the retreat a very safe place to get in deeper contact with myself. I ended the weekend by having a 1-1 session with her and it was pure joy and love. She met me in a very respectful and loving way and our conversation and still moments became very natural. I warmly recommend this loving woman for anyone who wants support in exploring and getting in deeper contact with oneself. "
" Finding Imogen has been a blessing. Taking a seven day retreat with her, the experience of what it means to be on a spiritual path from the everyday has been revolutionised. It has become organic, bodily. I come from Gñana yoga and because of my personality the path of discernment was natural to me. It has helped me a lot and has allowed me to experience the Space of Silence that I am occasionally and spontaneously. But with Imogen this has gone a step further. And it is the inclusion of deeper parts of me beyond the mind and it’s tranquility to be able to glimpse what It is. It is FEELING a loving energy that interpenetrates us and vibrates in every pore of our body and enables the connection with our intuition with the body as an intermediary. My life has had a ‘before and after’ after the retreat. "
" Imogen's presence is like a breath of pure fresh air, which might sound an overused phrase but I've never used it before. When Imogen says she is 'nothing' one can tell she means it and certainly sense it immediately, and her honesty is what's so exciting about working with her. I plunged into a recent retreat without much choice as the force of divine love, presented in such a natural, down-to-earth and accessible way, drew me in and proceeded to give me gifts of deep insight and self-compassion. Imogen is so incredibly unassuming and a powerful mentor for whom I have deep respect and I can even say love, for at the heart of her message is divine love, which is boundless and all-encompassing. "
" We have now attended 2 three day diving deep retreats and recently Imogen’s longer five day retreat. Firstly, we absolutely love the format of these retreats. They involve 15 mins of silent sitting before and after the 15 minute transmission. Quite often the energetic transmission can be felt even before the official transmission begins. It is both palpable and powerful. There are also occasions for live questions during the retreat and Imogen is always contactable by email, if one prefers more privacy. Ideally it would be good to do all the transmissions on offer, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so and even doing one would be better than nothing. Can’t recommend participating in one of these retreats highly enough and we look forward to the next one. We feel certain that these transmissions are invaluable for anyone on the pathless path and who wants to end their seeking. "
P.W. & M.H.
" Imogen's retreats are truly transforming. It charges up my body with love and bliss and dissolves all else into the love that we are. Imogen holds such a beautiful safe space where all emotions and inner turbulences are held and healed. I can't get enough of this bliss and divine vibration. The Sangha is really heartfelt and full of warmth, welcomeness and beautiful people. Keep the retreats going Imogen. "
" Thank you very much for the retreat this weekend. The format was really nice and every session was beautiful. I have been through various states and emotions through the weekend: vulnerability, extreme tiredness, enthusiasm, energy... And I really liked the afternoon discussions. "
The retreat was great for me, such a strong energy which "gives me back" or "transforms my depression" into peace, joy, more being in the here and now, more deeper in the consciousness of my true nature, of the free being. I'm in truth but nonetheless do and be in the relative life with all its struggling... I enjoyed the energy very much, it is a pleasure for my body, heart, emotions, soul. It's like holiday, recovery from the hectic of relative life, it fills me up, it widens me, it lets me rest in it... it is a great grace that I have the possibility and gift to get it.
" Imogen's 3-day retreat allowed my experience to deepen in ways never before reached - all while on Zoom! Her teachings are humble yet powerful and brought about a natural opening into consciousness, one that made clear that I'm always more than my thoughts. "
" Imogen radiates warmth, openness and care. She quite literally lets her light shine and by doing so gives others confidence to do the same. Interacting with Imogen feels both as having a good friend who encourages and empowers you and as meeting a complete stranger who does a random act of kindness for you on your path. But foremost, during her retreat one comes to understanding that we all are not alone in this, but together - forever united and loved. "
" Meeting Imogen and her work has been a great blessing! Being with her in an online retreat has felt as though the volume of Awareness had been turned up, which my body would translate as a vibratory rise, a palpable borderless warmth. Imogen, she's got a brilliant way of clarifying and discerning with you in a sweet, kind and non-judgmental way. I can only say thank you, thank you for your generosity, for the light transmission and for sharing your Imogenness with the world. "
" This Retreat will lift your spirit up to a higher level of consciousness for sure. If you want to develop yourself on a deep level and are ready to take the next step into the depth of yourself and into emptiness this one is for you. Imogen is a beautiful, kind and loving facilitator, who guides us all through the whole process with her high energy. I have had many awakenings in my life and I am joyful to find a facilitator who is the real deal. I Can't wait for the next one. "
" Imogen's retreat was exceptionally powerful and brought my life to a whole new level, facilitating a deep change in me and in my life. The purity and power of her transmissions coupled with her beautiful presence of grace bring about a deep transformation that i have never close to experienced anywhere else. It is with joy and a feeling of deep gratitude that I say that I am so glad I have done it and so glad she is doing what she does, the world certainly needs her. And she holds an energy of such kindness, warmth and clarity, that a very safe space for deep transformation is created. Thank you, Imogen, for all that you do! "
" Imogen's trust in Life and her commitment to welcoming everything that arises creates a safe container for her retreats, in which each participant can receive exactly what they most need. If you feel called, don't hesitate to join and claim the gifts that await you. You'll be joining a community of bright lights too, which is an added bonus. "
" This was my second retreat with Imogen. I really enjoyed the first one and felt great afterwards, but didn’t really understand what was going on, as it felt like a process. After the second one. I still don’t know what’s going on 😀, but I feel like these transmissions, truly are divine. I felt a gradual healing and transformation effect. It also helped me with insights into how I have been blocking my own peace and happiness. I am so grateful for these retreats and transmissions. "