Sessions are generally between 1-2 hours, most typically 1.5hrs, but they have been known to go on for 3+ hours on occasion!

I like to start all sessions with around 5 minutes of silent sitting and the Divine Light Transmission lasts roughly 25 minutes at the end – 15 for the Transmission 10 for rest/integration. The rest of the time is for talking 🙂

Let me know if you have any particular time constraints at the start of the session, but even so I recommend allowing for a minimum time of 45 minutes.

In short, no 🙂

I do recommend finding a comfortable private spot where you won’t be disturbed or too distracted.

The first session I typically like to get to know you a little so I know where you’re coming from, any understanding, spiritual practice or experiences are all helpful so we can avoid talking at cross-purposes. But I meet you exactly as I find you, no preparation or prior experience necessary.

Divine Light Transmissions as I offer them are an effective means to rapidly bring about and stabilise enlightenment/awakening. Through a Grace transmission of Divine Light I help facilitate the dissolution of the false ego-identity and held concepts which are the cause of suffering, revealing, or unveiling one’s true nature as unbounded awareness itself. The Divine Light, often described as the feeling of the loving divine mother penetrates and dissolves any delusions and opens up the heart and mind to the liberating truth of “I am consciousness”, “I am the Self”. Think of it like helping to clear the clouds to reveal the sky.

The Divine Light Transmission is also a powerful tool to help with the post-awakening integration and ‘clean-up’ process. Think embodiment vs awakening.

This is a hard question to answer. It very much depends on what you want to get out of the sessions with me. But generally I see rapid change in people who have committed to this process in an ernest way.

Some people come to me to help them ease their general suffering and unease with life. Many come because they are at the end of their seeking journey and are ready to awakening to their nature of awareness-consciousness. Others come in search of support post-awakening embodiment – which in many ways in my favourite work as I feel there is so much need for it at this time.

Amount of sessions just really depends on where someone is and what they are coming to me for. Some I meet regularly for weeks or even months, others it’s just a few sessions and then we’re done. Then there are those that just come sporadically when something particular is coming up. Some I only see once. I always say to people trust your process, use your intuition… I leave it up to you to know what’s best for you in terms of sessions.

But just to say, as far as awakening goes… There can be no guarantees of timings or timescales as it’s a uniquely personal journey for each and every one of us. Some people who are ready and at the end of their seeking journey they stabilise in abiding Nonduality after only one session and have had just a couple more to reach Unity Consciousness. But for most it will take more sessions and transmissions. Generally I’ve found that within a year of regularly receiving transmissions (often a mixture of one-on-one and global/group transmissions) most people will reach Unity Consciousness. Many times it’s much faster than that, with the majority of people having just a handful or two of sessions with me. But of course nothing is ever guaranteed in this realm and each person has their own timing…

You can find a video of me answering this question HERE.

But the general gist of it is sit quietly, comfortably, open & receptive and… relax, as if you were getting a massage or sunbathing on a beach. In your heart give this divine light permission and a big ‘YES’ to work as needed in service of your awakening.

After the session I recommend taking some additional time to sit quietly or meditate so that the energy of the Transmission can integrate in the body.

Divine Light Transmissions are a universal energy of Divine Light and as such are without location. There’s been great success in receiving the benefits of this Transmission, whether it’s been in-person, through a zoom video chat, or even remotely with a photograph. Distance is no barrier. I’m generally located in the UK at the moment and so when arranging a session note that my time zone is London Time (GMT+0 or BST/GMT+1 in the summer months).

This Divine Light Transmission is a gentle but powerful transmission of spiritual energy that opens the crown chakra and dissolves the deep-seated I-thought. No ill effects have been reported. Some people will experience a coolness in their head, pressure or maybe even the presence of a white light. Some also experience things such as energy in the body, opening of the heart, calming of the mind. There are also those that experience nothing particular during the transmission, so whatever your experience is or isn’t it doesn’t reflect the effectiveness of the transmission at all. We each get what we need.

Everyone’s experience is uniquely different, but as with any spiritual energy work there is a possibility of the releasing of old traumas and built up stresses which we have often been avoided or protected by the ego/mind. So after receiving the transmission for some there may be a period of adjustment (or ‘purification’) where it can be sometimes intense or even unpleasant. Of course, as with everything, “This too shall pass”.

However people with a history of severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia or bipolar are not recommended to receive this Divine Light Transmission.

I also do not recommend receiving a transmission if you are actively engaged with certain drugs, particularly psychedelics. We just can’t know how they will interact.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this please email me to discuss them. Also please read the Disclaimer.

Yes, group meetings are all recorded and by attending them you agree to have your voice and/or image used for the public sharing of Satsang. It’s your responsibility if you don’t wish to be recorded, you can turn your camera and mic off and submit questions through writing or the chat window. For the Divine Light Transmission portion of the meeting I do request that your video be turned on as this makes it much easier to connect with your energy, but I don’t ever share the recordings of the group transmissions.

1-on-1 sessions are also record unless otherwise requested by you. I generally don’t keep a copy for very long but they’re recorded for mainly two reasons.

The first reason being that you can request the audio file if you wish – please do this during or immediately after our session, like I said I don’t generally keep them for long. I just ask that you keep it for your own personal and private use and don’t share with anyone else. I don’t give them out routinely as I don’t like to encourage people to over analyse what’s being said but instead trust that what needs to be heard in the heart will be heard.

The second reason is for the purpose of my ‘Conversations & Questions’ series (http://beyondimogen.com/categories/articles/conversations-questions/) which comes from transcribed and edited snippets of conversations taken from questions in the comments of social media, emails, 1-on-1 sessions, group meetings or in-person conversations. I without a doubt take out any personal or sensitive content, even changing the questions to be broader and more universal where appropriate. But often these conversations have a universality to them that can be really helpful to more than just one person. All is used with the utmost care, sensitivity and consideration, and where applicable I will inform you when something is being released publically.

Money and spirituality has long been a testy subject, particularly in the west where we don’t have the same social norm of supporting spiritual activities like they have in some other cultures.

I offer my sessions, groups and retreats on a donation basis so I leave it to you as to what value you put on this work and how much you want to donate. I have a suggested donation amount as a guide, typically £50-90 for a 1-2hr session and £5-10 for a group meeting.

If you don’t want to or can’t donate then that’s your choice, like I said it’s all on a donation basis and I will never turn anyone away due to lack of funds. But I do appreciate every donation and they allow me the ability to devote more time and energy to meeting with people and carrying out this work.

I see all donations given as gifts and I treat them accordingly with much gratitude. My time/energy is my gift to you.

I give a post-awakening transmission that differs from the standard transmission in that it more focuses and helps with embodiment rather than awakening. It works more to dissolve any left over knots and densities from traumas and stresses, and ground and balance the nervous system of the body. That in conjunction with spiritual mentoring can help enormously with the process of integration and stabilisation, particularly if you’re experiencing some roughness. 

In many ways the mentoring post-awakening can be vital as acclimating to awakening can be challenging sometimes, especially when it happens rapidly, as it often does with this Divine Light Transmission. Having someone to connect with who has experience of this process and can help you orient to it is enormously helpful and invaluable. My aim is to walk hand-in-hand and mentor you through this beautiful but undeniably messy process, helping to clear up any doubts and confusions or still held assumptions and conditionings.

If you’re interested in receiving a post-awakening mentoring and transmissions, get in touch.

I offer free & live Global Divine Light Transmissions once a week (Wednesday’s 7pm UK time) on our YouTube Channel (schedule dependant). I’ve had reports from people all over the world of the benefit of theses Global Transmissions. That being said, the one-on-one Divine Light Transmissions are definitely more powerful and directed vs the global being more of a ‘wash’ of energy or some have said ‘Transmission Lite’. The global Transmissions are not a replacement for one-on-one Transmissions but can be used in conjunction with your normal meditation practice, with some having the recordings playing while they meditate daily.

And yes, I feel the recordings are just as powerful as watching live.

Yes I offer group meetings which include group Divine Light Transmissions.

Currently I have a Bi-Monthly recurring zoom group on the 2nd & 4th Sunday’s of the month at 3pm UK time.

And on various days (not set days) I have 30 minute zoom Divine Light Transmission & meditation groups. These I do around two times a week.

More info on the schedule of events and how to join can be found on the ‘events‘ page.

If you have a group that would be interested in hosting me either online or in-person just get in touch.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form.