Sessions are generally between 1-2 hours, but they have been known to go on for 3+ hours on occasion!
Let me know if you have any particular time constraints at the start of the session, but even so I recommend allowing for a minimum time of 45 minutes with the addition of 15 minutes once the session is over for rest.

Shaktipat Awakening Transmissions as I offer them are an effective means to rapidly bring about and stabilise enlightenment/awakening. This powerful spiritual technology raises one’s level of consciousness through the transmission of Divine Light. It facilitates the dissolution of the false ego-identity which is the cause of suffering, revealing one’s true nature as unbounded awareness itself – what is.

During the transmission Divine Light dissolves the deluding I-thought – “I am the body”, which is the very foundation of the ego-sense, waking you up to the liberating truth of “I am consciousness”, “I am the Self”.

While there can be no guarantees when it comes to awakening, some people have stabilised in Unity consciousness after only one session. But for most people it will take more sessions and transmissions. Generally I’ve found that within a year of regularly receiving shaktipat transmissions most people will reach Unity Consciousness. Many times it’s much faster than that, with the majority of people having just a handful or two of sessions with me. But of course nothing is ever guaranteed in this realm and each person has their own timing…

However the other, just as important aspect of this is the mentoring (Satsang). I see change in people who have committed to this process. In many ways the mentoring post-awakening can be even more helpful to most. Acclimating to awakening can be challenging sometimes, especially when it happens rapidly, as it often does with this shaktipat transmission. Having someone to connect with who has experience of this process and can help you orient to it is enormously helpful and invaluable. My aim is to walk hand-in-hand and mentor you through this beautiful but undeniably messy process.

I also give a post-awakening shakitpat that is helpful for those who are already in abiding non-duality, continuing to raise their level of consciousness to the freedom of complete Self-Realisation of Unity Consciousness (UC). This in conjunction with spiritual mentoring can help enormously with the process of integration and stablisation, particularly if you’re experiencing some roughness. If you’re interested in receiving a post-awakening mentoring and transmissions, get in touch.

Shaktipat Awakening Transmissions are a universal energy of Divine Light and as such are without location. There’s been great success in receiving the benefits of this Shaktipat Awakening Transmission, whether it’s been in-person, through a Skype/video chat, or even remotely with a photograph. Distance is no barrier. I’m generally located in the UK at the moment and so when arranging a session note that my time zone is London Time (GMT).

Sit quietly, eyes closed, open & receptive and… relax, as if you were getting a massage or sunbathing on a beach. After the session we recommend taking a little time to sit quietly or meditate.

This Shaktipat Awakening Transmission is a gentle but powerful transmission of spiritual energy that opens the crown chakra and dissolves the deep-seated I-thought. No ill effects have been reported. Some people will experience a coolness in their head, pressure or maybe even the presence of a white light, while others experience nothing during the transmission.

Everyone’s experience is uniquely different, but as with any spiritual energy work there is a possibility of the releasing of old traumas and built up stresses which we have often been avoided or protected by the ego/mind. So after receiving the shaktipat for some there may be a period of adjustment (or ‘purification’) where it can be sometimes intense or even unpleasant. Of course, as with everything, “This too shall pass”.

However people with a history of severe mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia or bipolar are not recommended to receive this Shaktipat Awakening Transmission.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me to discuss them. Also please read the Disclaimer.

Money and spirituality has long been a testy subject, particularly in the west where we don’t have the same social norm of supporting spiritual activities like they have in some other cultures.

I offer my sessions on a donation ‘pay what you feel’ basis so I leave it to you as to what value you put on this work.

I see money as an energetic exchange that shows your serious intention/earnestness, and in return you’re getting my time, energy and undivided attention – and of course there’s the small fact that it’s really helpful for us to pay the bills, just like everyone else! My feeling is that the amount donated should be fairly comfortable to pay, but at the same time isn’t just a throwaway amount. In the broader sense it’s really a matter of what you value in life and to me the value of realising one’s true nature is incalculable. If you don’t want to pay then that’s your choice, like I said it’s all on a donation ‘pay what you feel’ basis.

I offer free & live global Transmissions once a week on our YouTube Channel (schedule dependant). I’ve had reports from people all over the world of the benefit of theses Global Transmissions. That being said, the one-on-one Shaktipats are definitely more powerful and directed. The global Transmissions are not a replacement for one-on-one Shaktipat Awakening Transmissions but can be used in conjunction with your normal meditation practice, with some having them playing while they meditate.

Yes, we do work together with students sometimes. More often than not we’ll each work one-on-one with a student but have the student meet with both of us. When our schedules allow we enjoy both being present when giving the shaktipat, so if you’re interested in having both of us present during the shaktipat just ask and we’ll see what we can do (no promises here sorry it’s just based on availability). We each have our own very different but complementary flavour of expression and style of pointing that supports the realisation and understanding of the awakened view. In many ways we are the masculine and feminine aspects balanced together and students have commented that they enjoy working with both of us because of this.

Yes I also offer Shaktipat Awakening Transmissions and Satsang/Q&A for groups. If you have a group that would be interested in hosting either me or both myself and my husband Martyn together, get in touch.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to drop me a line via the contact form.