RASA™ (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) which also translates as ‘essence’ in Sanskrit, is a transmission of Grace. RASA will likely mark the end and fulfillment of your spiritual journey and the recognition of your nature as unbounded Self. It could also mark the beginning of a beautiful spontaneous life, lived in freedom, peace and truth.

How I came to know about RASA

For anyone that knows me, you’ll know I’m not much one for blindly believing in woo-woo and spiritual new-age modalities. But in 2015 experiencing RASA unexpectedly changed my views on spiritual transmission as a means to awakening. In early 2015 my husband Martyn arranged a session with Ramaji to receive RASA over Skype after reading his book ‘1000’. I won’t sugar coat it, at the time I saw it as a desperate seeker’s Hail Mary. I was pretty darn skeptical – some guy waving his hands at you over Skype and you become ‘enlightened’…. just like that?! Yet in the following weeks I saw such a dramatic change in him that my skepticism soon morphed into curiosity. About 6 months later I sat in front of Ramaji on my own Skype call. Still slightly skeptical but also totally open and ready to experience RASA for myself.

Over two and a half years on and I can’t deny the dramatic effect that RASA has had on both myself and Martyn. So when the opportunity came to learn to be RASA Givers from Ramaji and Ananda Devi I couldn’t help but say yes.  I’m very excited to offer sessions in this way as receiving RASA in 2015 was an unexpected game-changer for me, something that I’m deeply grateful for. That single RASA led to the unequivocal recognition of the essential non-dual nature of life, and the subsequent unfolding and integration that has come with it has been a constant source of awe and learning. Out of the simplicity of this abiding recognition came the desire to share Satsang & RASA with others so that they may also realise their own effortless Sahaja nature as peace and freedom.

What is RASA and how does it work?

RASA is an effective and effortless means to rapidly bring about and stabilise enlightenment/awakening. This powerful spiritual technology raises one’s level of consciousness (LOC) through the transmission of Divine Light. RASA facilitates the dissolution of the false ego-identity which is the cause of suffering, revealing one’s true nature as unbounded awareness itself – what is.

During the RASA transmission Divine Light descends into the open crown chakra and dissolves the deluding I-thought – “I am the body”, which is the very foundation of the ego-sense. RASA can wake you up to the liberating truth of “I am consciousness”, “I am the Self”.

While there can be no guarantees of enlightenment through RASA, it has proven to be extremely effective in increasing one’s LOC rapidly and effortlessly. Some people awaken after a single session, others have taken many sessions. As of early 2018 more than 400 people worldwide have reached LOC1000 from RASA Transmission. 

RASA is also helpful for those who are already in abiding non-duality (LOC600s and up), continuing to raise their LOC to the freedom of complete Self-realisation at LOC1000. The Post-1000 RASA and spiritual mentoring also helps with the process of integration and stabilisation for those at LOC1000.

The History of RASA

Ramaji and Ananda Devi

Ramaji is the author of eight books on non-duality including “1000,” “No Mind No Problem” and “Who Am I? Meditation.” 

In 1966 Ramaji, aged 16 experienced a spontaneous awakening of Kundalini via a lucid dream. This unexpected Kundalini event set him upon a life course of intense non-stop seeking. Eventually, after many years of doing different spiritual disciplines, he met his guru, Ramesh Balsekar of the lineage of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. In 1992 in San Diego, Ramaji had a full-blown awakening into non-duality and non-doership from the Grace of Ramesh Balsekar. In spring of 2008 Ramaji went to LOC 1000.

In 2011, while doing a conventional spiritual healing on someone with chronic pain, Ramaji discovered a new way to open the Crown Chakra for swift spiritual advancement. A big sphere of brilliant white light the size of a beach ball came down into the person’s body and instantly raised their consciousness. At first he thought he was doing energy work for physical healing, but it quickly dawned on him that what he was doing was not the usual energy healing.

He realised that somehow he was raising the person’s consciousness to non-dual levels in literally just a few minutes. Their healing response or other positive outcome was a direct result of exposure to these higher illuminated frequencies resonating in their system. This was the “accidental” discovery of the RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement or “essence” in Sanskrit) transmission. After more testing with people in person and via Skype, Ramaji concluded that this Crown opening and activation method was the ideal way for him to transmit the experience of Truth. He found that he could provide people with a direct experience of the enlightened state of consciousness beyond words.

In November, 2015 Ramaji received signs that he would be meeting the soul mate and teaching partner he had waited for all his life. In February, 2016 Ananda Devi came to him to receive RASA. She was already in non-duality after several spontaneous deep spiritual awakenings. She stabilised at LOC1000 immediately in the first session. On that first day they recognised that they would be teaching together. Ananda learned how to give RASA in July, 2016. Knowing that Ananda was supposed to teach with him as soon as possible, Ramaji then put Ananda through the most intense spiritual “boot camp” training he had given any student. She passed all of his tests and challenges with flying colours. In January, 2017 they began giving satsang and RASA together to online groups and live satsang groups. They also give private online RASA sessions separately and together.

They do not consider themselves gurus or spiritual teachers. Instead they prefer to be thought of as “spiritual activists” or “transformational agents.” Thanks to the RASA silent spiritual transmission, they do not have to rely on words or concepts. Their mission in life is to deliver RASA on a global scale and spiritually awaken as many people as possible.


I’ve been mentioning LOC (Level of Consciousness) and you might be wondering what is this?

In many wisdom traditions different ‘levels of consciousness’ have been well documented. Furthermore there’s the understanding that there’s more to go even after spiritual awakening becomes abiding, that there are unfolding stages of enlightenment. E.g. from Stream-enterer to Arhat (via Once-returner and Non-returner) in Theravada Buddhism, and from Cosmic Consciousness to Unity Consciousness (via God Consciousness) in the Vedic Tradition to name just a couple.

We appreciate that ‘levels of consciousness’ as a term can be misleading, as from the absolute view consciousness itself has no levels as such. But the unfoldment of understanding and conscious experiencing is evolutionary, comprehensible and in some ways, predictable. LOC is a shorthand/metric for this developmental process that was first coined by David Hawkins and developed further by Ramaji in his book ‘1000: The Levels of Consciousness and a Map of the Stages of Awakening for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers‘ which I highly highly recommend reading if you’re interested in learning more.

I sometimes use LOC readings as a helpful tool to gauge where someone is in their spiritual unfoldment. This LOC model runs on a scale up to LOC1000, with initial non-dual enlightenment occurring at LOC600. (Click on the ‘The Complete Map of Awakening’ above to see in more detail.) 

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