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Just for a Moment

Just for a Moment

Keep letting go
that dogged determination of seeking
whether it be experiences and pleasure-seeking
better and more ‘stuff’
vaster and deeper knowledge
more experienced and valued skills
let it all go
just for a moment
and experience this moment.
Experience what it is to live life as awareness
unadorned with the commentary of the mind
theres nothing to get rid of, no bad thought
all must be held in the tender embrace of acceptance
for the real blossoming of life lived in truth and freedom
to be recognised as your birthright all along.

Stand in Truth

Stand in Truth

I stand in truth.

Can I accept that I may be judged,
I may be questioned,
I may be ridiculed?

Can I accept that,
can I be brave?

Can I stand in my own truth,
without qualification and explanation?

Can I stand sure,
knowing that it’s the right thing,
it’s the only thing?

Can I stand in truth,
unashamedly without reason,
and with no excuse?

Can I stand up for mySelf,
stand tall for the realisation of my very being?

Can I stand up for the truth of my own reality
that I know so well,
so intimately?

Can I live my life without the influence of shoulds and should nots?

Can I say to hell with it all and be as I am?

Can I stand in all my glory,
warts and all,
honest and vulnerable?

Can I accept all of it,
every aspect of me,
every aspect of life,
can I embrace it into my heart without exception?

So I stand in my truth
and in turn encourage others to stand in theirs.

For it’s the most loving thing I can do for myself and others.

Drop all the games,
all the masks,
all the pretences,
all the false concepts and notions,
drop it all.

Stand naked and open,
don’t hide your light.

Let reality, truth and honesty be the guiding movement of life.

Let the truth of your being shine through.