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New Website

New Website

“There’s a tendency to look outward to the objects of perception for solutions to our suffering. Turn inwards to the heart of experiencing itself, let go into the unknown. There’s nothing more eloquent, nothing more freeing than the direct experience of your own nature, prior to any assumptions, beliefs or conditioning – just this moment, as it is.” ~ Imogen

I’m happy to announce that Martyn and I have just launched our new joint website offering Spiritual Mentoring & RASA Transmission Sessions as certified RASA ™ Givers.

I’m very excited to offer this as receiving RASA in 2015 was an unexpected game-changer for me, something that I’m deeply grateful for. That single RASA led to the unequivocal recognition of the essential non-dual nature of life, and the subsequent unfolding and integration that has come with it has been a constant source of awe and learning. Out of the simplicity of this abiding recognition came the desire to share RASA with others so that they may also realise their own effortless Sahaja nature as peace and freedom.

All the information about what we’re offering can be found on the website. If you have more questions or would like to arrange a session with either of us then use the contact form on or here on this website.

In loving service,

Gratitude to Life’s Teachers

Gratitude to Life’s Teachers

I’m so deeply and profoundly grateful to the life that has put me in the way of some amazing lessons. Lessons that have come from many different sources and many different teachers. I see now that these teachers have each come forward at the perfect moment to ultimately teach me that I am beyond all teachings, that I am the One that they point to.

To Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, for giving me TM from an early age, that allowed me to experience transcending on a daily basis throughout my formative years. This gave me the understanding that all of life is unified consciousness and that there are infinite possibilities within this. Without you my whole foundational paradigm could have looked horribly different.

To Amma, for flooring me with your presence and for opening me up to a the possibility of a world outside of TM.

To Wayne Liquorman, for showing me how much power there is in a teacher’s unspoken presence; and for introducing the profound realisation that all of this suffering is from a false sense of doership.

To Adyashanti, for guiding me into the present moment silence of the Self. For encouraging me to love my wounds and pull them closer. And for your reassuring words when the ground had fallen away for the first time.

To Suzanne Segal, for blasting off the doors of the identified body and the illusion that I believed that I was separate from the tree. And later on for showing me that I wasn’t alone in being duped into believing that enlightenment ‘looked’ a certain way.

To Sri Mooji, for showing me what deep abiding love and surrender is. For allowing me to be fully me and for opening up your heart and home to me. You never gave up on me, even when I was ready to give up on this journey.

To Ramaji & RASA, for taking me all the way home. And if that wasn’t enough, allowing me to be so brutally honest and blunt with you. Through you I found my voice.

And to Martyn, my love, for being my biggest ally, supporter and teacher in all of this Leela.

Thank You, Thank You and a million more Thank Yous

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