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    Transgressing The Prescribed Spiritual Path

    In my life journey thus far I’ve had to transgress two major spiritual paths/groups/movements that were both whole-life encompassing – Guru, lifestyle, friends and family, home, job, it felt like a lot could and would be lost. It’s was for sure a very difficult thing to navigate but I feel it’s important to share and talk about as I see a lot of people dealing with this, particularly in the realm of spiritual organisations.

    Over time I’ve actually come to see that it’s a totally normal and healthy part of ‘spiritual’ development

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    Online Event This Saturday

    Exploring Our True Nature

    Satsang & RASA Transmission Online Event

    17:00 BST • 12th May 2018

    “Satsang is the context in which the exploration and recognition of one’s True Nature can take place”

    This event will start with a 10 minute silent sitting meditation followed by approximately 1 hour of Satsang where there will be opportunity for Q&As, finishing off with a 20 minute group RASA Transmission.

    The event will be held on the zoom.us video conferencing platform for which you’ll need a webcam and zoom account to participate in this event.


    To register for the event please make a donation via the PayPal button below and then we will send you the event link and details on how to connect.