I have been a seeker for Truth with many spiritual teachers and teachings throughout the last 15 years. Have been using Life though as THE most important teacher, especially in the embodiment phase of awakening. Have had several sessions with Shaktipats lately with Imogen which has been extremely valuable and helpful in a very intense period for instance helping me to ground and balance my nervous system which has been very active meeting and releasing trauma. Meeting Imogen has almost felt like the last missing piece of the puzzle, a feeling of ‘welcome home’ and finally meeting what I call “Zero fear”. The ordinary feeling like “What was all that seeking about?”. Like the circle is complete in a way. Love the way Imogen interacts in a soft loving way, with lazer sharp deep wisdom in a down-to-earth and kind way of being. Can warmly recommend a session with Imogen!

– E.R. | Sweden –

I had several sessions with Imogen and it has had a profound effect on my life. I’ve suffered from severe anxiety for at least 20 years and tried everything. Even after the first session I noticed a remarkable improvement in my experience and levels of anxiety. What she showed me was the opposite to anything I thought might have helped, to turn inward and embrace the bits of me I was trying to avoid. Her love and patience with me was beyond anything I have ever experienced and I felt seen and heard fully for maybe the first time in my life. I was quite skeptical about the shaktipat transmission but felt an enormous amount of calm wash over me during it and felt full of love afterwards. Thank you Imogen.

– D.K. | USA –

I have been meeting with Imogen for several months now as she helps and supports me with my post-awakening integration process. Her words pouring into my system like crystal clear water, I feel such wisdom and honesty in them. She is the first person in my life where I take and want to take as much as I can. That is really something BIG as I have my issues with hierarchy and people telling me what to do.

When I first saw her online she was the first person where I felt I had to meet this woman as SHE IS REPRESENTING E V E R Y T H I N G that I was looking for without even be able to put it into words. Just this feeling. THAT’S IT. To me she is the one. To me she is the first person ever I would call my teacher as her teaching is BEYOND. So teaching becomes a liberated area to me, very playful, nothing to be scared of and allowing many parts that are in the closet to come out. It’s a tremendous relief to be who I am, to be able to even come down from my loneliness and shyness and this “knowing” place, where I was in a way even hiding.

I feel that she does not place any hooks to bind people to more concepts. That’s the truly liberated support in the awakening process and the honesty of sharing that she offers. A new era of even liberating the old mastership of teachers and students. She is way ahead of her age & time.

In Imogen there is vulnerability and wisdom. There is love and imperfection and in the imperfection, fullness and perfection on all levels. And most of all a transparency that is impressive, no games and this big invitation. Imogen is just the invitation TO BE, to be the perfect imperfection. She’s got an amazing ability to transform all of this into words and in a way that my system can easily take it in even if I can’t take it, I can take it that I can’t take it. To me our meetings are so supportive beyond words. My system absorbs all of this like a sponge.

There is an easiness and she IS This. I’ve never experienced anyone representing this like Imogen does.

– A.L. | Germany –

At 62, I’ve been a seeker since I was at least 16 years old. I started my first formal mediation technique at 19 with Transcendental Meditation (TM), spending 14 months at one of their facilities learning advance knowledge & techniques. From that point on I’ve sat with Gurus, Healers, Yogis, Divine Mother Avatars, Marma Therapists, Vedic Astrologers, Energy Working Wizards and Avadhutas. I’ve been to India and on Vipassana courses, many healing courses, done Gnan Vidhi, and been with Shakitpat masters and many, many nondual teachers. 

And while I had amazing experiences until about 4 months ago I was still seeking. I started working with Imogen and quickly entered a stable nondual state. After a couple more sessions I am now stabilized in Unity Consciousness. While outward life continues as before I now live in a space of permanent silence and expansion. Joy pervades my experience and I no longer “live” inside this body by rather this body and all else lives inside of me.

Through grace I met Divine Mother in Imogen and I can only offer my unconditional love back.

– J.C. | USA –

When The Dragon Left

It was the moment when I left the feeling of being an isolated element behind me, and with that also the suffering that follows. It was after the second private satsang & transmission session with Imogen.

I didn’t know that the ego-thought had taken shape as a little red dragon. But it had. It was kind of small and cute, but poisonous as a scorpion when it felt hurt and threatened, at which point it flew all over the place and spitted out its poisonous fire.

After the second transmission, I bathed in the light for two full days. Then a small command was noticed: “Drink it,  swallow it”. I did. And it seems that the little dragon couldn’t keep its power when it was radiated with this light. Because the next day the dragon had completely lost its power. The tail was folded toward the stomach, the color had turned dark red and the body into a jelly consistency. And now it sank – through the body – and then it disappeared.

That following night I woke up in the Heart. It was swollen and vibrant, and I was so happy that for hours I could not move an inch – I just had to breathe through it. Everything was fresh and new and appeared inside of me. And from this moment on, my life has become a celebration. Thank you, Imogen.

– L.A. | Norway –

Meeting Imogen is such a bliss. Imogen is a being, and expression of Divine Mother in the most loving and clear ways, and an appearance of Sita, yet beyond all appearances. Imogen is a non-dual teacher, not a teacher of concepts but of direct experience and is-ness. She along with her amazing husband Martyn, offer a shaktipat awakening transmission of divine light that will shift your consciousness to a higher degree and de-hypnotize you from forgetting who you really are, so it will take you into such an is-ness which both the thinker and the seeker both dissolve into the Self, the heart. I clearly fell like I received at least 10 times the value of the amount to pay for the session. This was very lovely and I feel lighter all over. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about increasing their level of consciousness to the highest possible level. If you believe in the power of transmissions, booking a session with Imogen is the most power and important transmission you can get. You will never regret it.

– A.S. | Tunisia –