Global Shaktipat Transmissions

Wednesdays at 7pm UK time I broadcast live a Global Shaktipat Awakening Transmission on my Beyond Imogen YouTube channel. The intention behind these global transmissions is for all those across the globe who in their hearts are done with the endless cycle of seeking and wish to awaken to their essential nature as open awareness.

While these are not quite as powerful or specific as the one-on-one shaktipat’s or even the group shaktipats, they can also have a profound effect. Experiencing this shaktipat can naturally and effortlessly facilitate, accelerate and precipitate your non-dual spiritual awakening. It’s okay to enjoy daily and can be used to enhance your meditation or deepen your relaxation.

If you’d like to participate LIVE in these global shaktipat transmissions please join me here on this page or on the Beyond Imogen YouTube Channel. The schedule for these Global transmissions’ can be found on the ‘Events‘ page at the bottom.

Global Shaktipat Archive