This is a space for the exploration of awakening, integration and embodiment, it’s a space that supports a deepening of Self. I don’t separate between spiritual or non-spiritual, all is included. It’s just LIFE and exploring what it means to be human, what it means to be alive, what it means to suffer, and what it is to accept all into the embrace of our experience. Understanding what awakening is, what spirituality is and what they both are not – brings these lofty ideals of ‘enlightenment’ back down to lived reality in each and every moment. Learning what it means to transcend and include all that we are, all that we experience, into the broader context of open-awareness.

For me what I offer here isn’t therapy and it’s not about the acquisition of more knowledge. It’s about the direct experience of Self using the tool of conversations (Satsang) and supported on a deeper level with Divine Light Transmissions. It’s about a meeting of our shared humanity, and our shared divinity and as such I don’t place myself higher than you, different than you, more than you. I don’t claim to have all or even any of the answers. I’m here to support this conversation of “What is the nature of reality? What is the nature of Self?” as a mentor, a teacher, a guide, a spiritual midwife of sorts – to walk hand in hand with you on this beautiful, messy journey of Self discovery, as Self meeting Self. To discover the light Being that we are at the heart of all existence.

We are all figuring out life as best we can. A lot of the people I meet along the way are looking to others to give them answers. I encourage each and every one of you who happen upon this website to look into your own direct experience, use your discernment, listen to what others have to say and mark it against your own internal compass and intuition. Drop all your judgements about what you think you know and take a careful look, take a look prior to your assumptions, I encourage you to do so earnestly. See if whatever they (or I) are pointing to stands up to scrutiny, does it point back to your own truth? But don’t take my word for it…. go looking for yourself!

So I invite you to reach out and connect, I’m here for this ~ Imogen