"Our hearts join here this day,
amplifying the light of healing energies to all those whom ask"

Once a month I offer an healing transmission to all those who ask.

Unlike the Divine Light Transmissions which are of a higher source frequency and aimed at supporting the expansion of Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening, these healing transmissions are suitable for everybody regardless of if they are actively on the spiritual path. Supported by angelic beings, the healing frequencies are gentle and nourishing on all levels, healing, balancing and resorting the life-force energies within your system. 

You can add someone to the recipient list who may not be directly aware of the power of transmissions but has asked generally for prayers and healing. 

It’s offered freely to all but donations are always welcome as this supports my ability to offer this work.

Group Healing Dates 2024

3rd July
7th August
4th September
2nd October
6th November
4th December

There are two ways in which you can participate:

1. As a recipient of healing energies – You can enter your name and up to 2 names of loved ones. They can be loved ones of all ages, at any stage of their life journey, as well as loved ones in the animal kingdom. When you enter your name(s) you will be added to the NEXT healing group at the beginning of each month. Each month you will need to enter your name to be included.

2. Participate LIVE in a small closed zoom group, offering your prayers to amplify the energy to all those whom ask to receive healing – To participate in this way I recommend those who are able to set aside their own worries, wants & needs, and give their heart fully in service to this cause. Participation in the closed zoom group is by request and a zoom link will be issued beforehand. If you would like to participate you’ll need to send me an email at least 24 hours before the meeting requesting a place.

1. Recipient of Remote Healing Transmission & Prayers

To receive the healing transmission & prayers please enter your name and the names of loved ones using the form below. 

* Please note that you can add a maximum of two additional loved ones as well as your own name to the healing list. *

During the healing time you can offer a prayer/intention for healing and sit quietly if you’d like to but it’s not required, you can also just go about your normal day.

2. Participant in Zoom Group Healing

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:45pm UK in a closed, invitation only group that you’ll need to apply for. While no prior experience with energy healing work is needed, I do require that we would have had at least one 1-1 session together previously.

My suggestion is also that you attend the Divine Light Transmission beforehand at 7:00pm UK on the day of the healing group.


To apply to be part of the live healing group please send me an email at least 24 hours before the group healing and I will send a zoom link if your request to attend has been approved.


Remote & Zoom

To participate in the group live via zoom contact me via email


1st Wednesday of the Month
at 7:45pm UK


Donations gratefully received