"Our hearts join here this day,
amplifying the light of healing to all those whom ask"

Recipient of Group Healing

Participate in Group Healing

4pm Sundays

Names read out to receive healing

Attend group to participate in healing – giving and receiving

Start with emptying out guided meditation.
Coming into awareness.

Light body
Opening up, extending out.
Fill the body, fill the room, fill all

Extend chakras top down

Freedom of energy movement
Remove all blocks

Light moves throughout,
Balanced and harmonious

Attention on light body
Hands movement, opening out, extending to all
Become a conduit for healing energy to flow through you and out to those in need

Prayer for those asking for healing

Read names out

Prayer to end healing for all

Centering prayer
Peaceful, balancing energy

Sit quietly


Zoom lD: 5925868041
Passcode: grace


Sunday’s at 4pm


Donations gratefully received