Finding your deeper ground

Finding your deeper ground

Finding your deeper ground

To return home to our true nature is to have a solid grounding as Beingness, as Self; to know our unconditioned essence, our essential primordial and divine ground of spirit, of consciousness, of light. With this abiding recognition we may come to be the full embodiment of all that we are – Fully Human and fully Divine.

** PLEASE NOTE:  10th & 24th are the only Zoom Groups in July **

Wednesdays DLT at 7pm UK
Sundays, Satsang at 4pm UK & DLT at 5pm UK

Sinking into the remembrance of your true nature.

12th – 21st July

Take a deep dive inward in a supportive and held group setting over several days.

18th August

A fully immersive day with four Transmissions and a Satsang Session

Poetry for the heart, from the heart

Divine Light Transmissions

I offer Divine Light Transmissions to support the embodied awakening process. These energy transmissions of pure Source Energy or ‘Divine Light’ act as a tuning fork of awareness to attune the individual to their own source potential. This helps to dissolve and integrate any densities, traumas and conditioned ‘blockages’ that occlude the direct recognition of our true nature as consciousness and embodying that with the fullness of our human expression. They are powerful yet gentle transmissions that support a deep transformation and evolution, opening the spiritual heart to the living remembrance of our divine nature.

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