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About Divine Light Transmissions

The Divine Light Transmissions as I offer them are a powerful modality or ‘tool’ of Grace that supports the fully embodied awakening process. They are transmissions of pure Source Energy or ‘Divine Light’ and as such have the effect of attuning and activating the whole system to recognise the foundational energetic nature of existence. This consequently facilitates non-dual awakening or ‘knowingness’ of yourself AS this – The Self. This shifts the primary perspective from the body-mind seat of identity to the “(I am) Awareness/Consciousness” recognition, giving rise to a ‘coming home’ holistic sense of Being.

Experientially the transmissions can help regulate and calm the nervous system, dissolve and integrate energetic blocks, densities and imbalances, opening the heart and mind, and overall bring about a sense of well-being and peace. They very much support the dissolution of old energetic patterns (conditioning) within the system which can bring new insights as to the nature of life and new ways of being in relation to how one lives that life. Think of it like helping to reveal the sky that’s beyond the clouds – yes, the clouds (life as form) may still be present, yet the underlying recognition of Self as Consciousness/Awareness/Divine/Formlessness is abidingly clear.

This Divine Light Transmission is often associated with the unconditional loving Divine Mother (Creation) in its temperament or energetic footprint. It’s constantly adjusting itself for the ‘need of the time’ and supports the evolution of humanity as a whole. On an individual level it greatly supports awakening and the post awakening embodiment process.

Recommendations For During Transmissions

  • Most importantly: Be open and receptive to receive what is in your highest good for your awakening and evolution – i.e. Say a big “YES” in your heart!
  • Sit comfortably and ground your body – Sit so your body can relax and there’s no strain. Make sure you’re clearly visible on zoom for me if it’s for a group meeting or 1-1 session.
  • Mediate/rest during the Transmission – I highly recommend meditating/resting as Awareness while participating in a transmission and putting down any day-to-day activities that engage the more relative experiences of life. Let yourself be “pulled” into a deep, restful and receptive space.
  • Stay out of the mind, have awareness with the felt energetic or bodily experience if that helps – Try not to judge or evaluate, don’t look for markers or experiences. Some feel something others don’t, doesn’t matter.
  • Eyes open or closed? – I personally recommend eyes closed (or relaxed) as it helps the attention to go inward rather than be too distracted with the goings on around you. But experiment with what feels comfortable for you. If you ‘get caught’ in your thoughts with your eyes closed you may find lightly meeting my gaze helpful. It makes no difference to me as I give the transmission, just find what works best for you.
  • Stay for the entire duration of the Transmission – Even though I may lower my hands towards the end of the transmission it does not indicate the ‘end’ of the transmission as there’s a period of softening integration that happens towards the end which is just as important to be present for. So plan to stay for the entire session until the final bell sounds.
  • Rest afterwards – No jumping into activity as the transmission works on very deep and subtle levels, even if you feel like you weren’t obviously affected by the it on the surface. I recommend at least 15 further minutes of rest once the session has finished.

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