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Conversations & Questions: 08/08/22

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Q: What’s your take on following a transmission and resting? It does appear to have an impact on the system, I slept when I returned home for 3-4 hours.

Imogen: Yes, the transmissions can have an impact on the body in terms of the rest needed afterwards – many people report needing sleep/rest afterwards. Water also helps a lot to process energies.

As I see the process: There are deep, fundamental energetic movements and openings happening to the entire system as a result of the transmission/attunement, even if we don’t see or feel it obviously on the surface level.

There’s an integration period of the newly assimilated vibrational energetic footprint within the system – some call it a ‘shift in consciousness’. Whether that be temporary or abiding, the most intense and tender part of this integration is immediately afterwards – hence recommending rest & water. The impact and dawning implications of a ‘shift’ like this can go on for days, weeks, months, even years afterwards, our system adapts for the most part very well.

But yes, this is why I recommend resting for at least 15 minutes immediately after the transmission. Rest is our body’s beautiful mechanism to process life, rejuvenate and balance any impact in the system. That, and it encourages us to minimise extra inputs for a short time so the body can focus its resources.

Q: What do you feel happens whilst receiving the transmission?

Imogen: What I see happening is that as we receive/attune to the primordial energy/source/light/love/open-awareness/consciousness that we are, that light is uncovered and revealed within us, AS us. Most people are conditioned and live with the misidentification that “I am this mind-body” (only). The transmission supports the lived embodied remembrance of our true nature.

Think of the process like a tuning fork where we are able to tune our voice to that ‘C’ note when we hear it played. As we hear the ‘C’ note more and more it becomes easier and easier over time to tune into that in ourselves as we already have an embodied memory (knowingness) of it in the system. Eventually it is not a ‘practice’ to tune into that ‘C’ note, but an abiding recognition of your natural ground of Being that IS the ‘C’ note.

And as this attuning process occurs and ripens, all the crevices of conditioning, also experienced as “blockages” or contractions of energy in the body, or even lack (dark/unseen) of energy or light in the system, are penetrated, unwound, and dissolved as we return to our “natural state” – energy/consciousness/light in motion/flow.

This on a mind level is correlated with the dawning of new insight or way of relating to one’s self and the world. A revealing (or remembrance) of our nature as fundamental unified consciousness and not a mind-body-person in a ‘world’ of separate objects. It’s seen, not just intellectually but quite literally known in the experience that, “I am prior to all this phenomena (form), all this arises within me.” From the formless comes the form, from the Ocean comes the wave.

In conclusion…

So on a practical basis, the transmissions are doing two main things…. attuning, unveiling and opening us up, in an overall sense, to the vibration-energy-light Being that we fundamentally are – the bedrock of existence: pure unconditional divine consciousness (formless awareness). And on a relative plane of existence ie. body-mind system (form), that turning up the volume, the uncovering of that light energy, becomes the catalyst for an unwinding, dissolving, and integrating of contracted, conditioned energy (known in the felt body). Also the dissolving of ideas, concepts and unexplored assumptions, especially around our ideas of who/what I am and the nature of reality.

Thus transforming our relationship to life (and ourselves) to its natural unconditioned state/recognition of “I am divine consciousness (formlessness) embodied as this ephemeral arising experience of being human (form). All that I experience is a way of consciousness (Self) further tasting itself in its infinite possibilities.”


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