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Conversations & Questions: 25/09/18

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Q: Is the whole old spiritual paradigm collapsing?
The old way of doing things may well be, the very strong hierarchical Guru-lead spiritual organisations as an example. But I feel there will always be the search for connection to, or rather awareness of Self (it’s like consciousness forgets itself, just to for the delight and play of remembering itself too!) and those ‘big’ answer-less answers will be searched for as long as there is suffering in the world. What that search looks like, and if it’s so widespread that it’s not to be seen as ‘special’ or different (fringe) anymore… yes I think this world is changing, but then it has done before and it will do again.

Q: Is it time to truly realize that there is no need to heal, to transmute, to work it out at all? To “heal” others, to “heal” ourselves? Is the healing subject rather antiquated even though it seems to be such a part of mine and others journeys, to attend workshops, classes, … give workshops and sessions…
As long as it’s taken as a personal “I am healing” or “I am being healed” there will be suffering, because sometimes healing happens and we take pride “I did that”, sometimes it does not and we feel pity “I failed”. That’s the ego taking claim and ownership – good or bad it doesn’t matter. Then we get stuck in the cycle of expectations & wanting and avoiding & rejecting rather than accepting what is and that we actually have no control of any of this.

But in my experience healing happens, things get worked out, attending workshops, retreats and satsangs happens, spiritual practices such as meditations happens, a ‘journey’ or ‘path’ happens. It’s a natural part of life and whatever is showing up is what is meant to happen – the non-personal (egoic) view of life, that this is spontaneously arising. Just as the leaves on the tree grow, the tree doesn’t take ownership.

As an example… ‘I’ Imogen offer spiritual guidance & shaktipat transmissions, I see benefits and changes occurring with my ‘students’, but ‘I’ don’t take it personally, as ‘me’ doing it, I see that that’s what is happening, that’s what life is presenting in that moment, what life is calling forth. Who am ‘I’ to say it should or should not happen that way? Who am ‘I’ to take claim or ownership over this??

It’s the two truths thing that in time is integrated and accepted – on one hand we have the absolute view…. consciousness is, no healing, no person, no other, no changing, no need to ‘do’, no past, no future, just consciousness. Then we have the more relative view… things happening, changing, morphing, diversity, differences, experiences, one person giving something to another (whether it be bread or ‘healing’) – the human experience of doing, of living. The relative is the play and display of the absolute. The multitudes of experience are happening IN consciousness, AS consciousness. Do you see? Yes on one hand consciousness doesn’t need to heal, consciousness IS – NO. MATTER. WHAT. … But on the other hand, consciousness plays out on the stage of life, healing and living and growing and changing.

Which leads me to answer your next question………

Q: Is an ability such as being sensitive with energies and healing those energies, just a phenomena like painting, writing, or even drinking tea?
YES. But….just in the same way people have a natural talent for painting or music while others don’t and have to apply themselves diligently to study and learn… the sensing of ‘energies’ is just the same sort of thing, not more ‘special’ just more unusual maybe. There’s no point denying these relative differences in people. So in (your) consciousness shows up all these varieties of human expression, some that are energy healers, some that are painters, some that are engineers. YES it’s phenomena, the experience of existence IS phenomena, without it……….. well 🙂

Q: Is it a subtle addiction – never be good enough, to keep on seeking and digging? Haven’t I done enough of it the past 20–30 years? Is this an old wheel in me that should stop? All of this “I see this in you” and “I see that in you” over and over again like a ping pong ball. Isn’t that exhausting and separating rather than connecting? Are we are still operating based on old patterns inside of us, many of them so well hidden that we maybe will never be aware of them, or of somewhat “knowing” them. Is this the biggest trap, the need to seek to be ‘better’?
YES, but that’s what’s happening.
I’d say… for you… give it a go, drop it all (if you can) see what happens.
Again I think it comes down to the ‘ego’ person owning that searching vs the acceptance that searching is happening. It seems to me consciousness likes to have a bit of grit in experience, something to rub up against, otherwise why would it be there. It would all be a bunch of nothingness with no point to ‘manifest’ this world, experiences etc. etc. etc. Might as well be no person, no body, no other, no world – nothing. But that’s NOT WHAT IS SHOWING UP… all of THIS is!!! And I think it IS consciousness trying to connect with itself, to know itself, to experience itself.

Q: Is there a fully integrated awakened being walking at all this planet or is even this a idea?
Awakening is a total mystery, in fact all of this is a mystery, so who knows!!! That’s why WHY’s are so tricky.
What does that even mean to be ‘fully integrated’? It’s a subjective value judgment that someone equates a certain set of x,y & z’s to equaling ‘full integration’.

It’s like saying a ‘fully healed body’ – the body is sometimes worse and needs attention on certain things, but it’s ALWAY changing and growing and better and worse, sick/healed in some parts, sick/healed in others. But we can we can subjectively go… ‘I feel ok’ or ‘I feel terrible’, or roughly judge others “that person looks healthy or sick”.

Awakening however is about awakening or being en-light-ened to the nature of your essential Self, prior to all concepts and conditioning based in the ego-mind. How that recognition and realisation gets integrated into your lived reality, well that’s a completely unique journey and there are no wrong answers for that one!

Q: We only have this famous pictures of Ramana Maharshi that has this Aura of “he is this entirely”, yet, what do we know. Is it human nature to still need a saint to even keep on striving after the shift?Quite possibly, something to aim for, yes sounds about right! Isn’t consciousness a trickster and joker!

Q: Is there only permission to speak and teach once ones reached a certain level of awareness? This will never happen, we are humans. Look around, EVERYONE is speaking in one way or another, spiritual or not spiritual, everyone has opinions and views and they voice those views and beliefs ALL the time. Life gave us the gift of communication… and communication is everywhere and in everyone.

As for permission to be a spiritual teacher – there are MANY MANY MANY different teachers, teaching many many many different techniques and practices, views and concepts. Some more skillfully than others, some more effective than others. Some more established in their broad and primordial nature of open-awareness. But again… I’m going to sound like a broken record…. this is what’s showing up, there’s no ‘spiritual government or police’ that decides who gets to speak or teach. It’s just life, throwing up a myriad of ways to recognize the nature of itself, some ways more pertinent than others.

Q: Is there only permittance to speak from the heart, what’s wrong to speak from the mind? Isn’t that still a differentiation between right and wrong? Who is permitting or not. One speaks from wherever speech comes from.

Q: Isn’t the ultimate liberated love just to be exactly like we are? EXACTLY LIKE WE ARE? YES, but most have trouble to see this, and they suffer this. That’s not to say it’s ‘wrong’ just that that seems to be what shows up, a suffering of this lack of acceptance.

Q: Isn’t it time to fully accept ourselves and each other YES YES YES YES YES YES!!

Q: Aren’t we specialists in looking for the “wrong”, after years and years of searching and seeking for the ultimate…better…whatever? haha YES, this is always what I am trying to point you to.. to accept all, to stop making yourself ‘wrong’. Even if, for example you are triggered and reactive to a deep seated fear of rejection… accept that that is what is your experience, it’s not wrong… it just IS

Q: Is this a human condition in general, as an evolution in our genetics? Is even the pointing and the integration a continuing “wrongness” in the rightness? What’s wrong with drama once in a while? What’s wrong with energies of the past? What’s wrong with all the layers?
Aren’t we all of that?
YES WE ARE, THERE IS NOTHING ‘WRONG’ WITH IT. THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!!!!!!! Literally, I feel this is pretty much ALL I’ve been saying in our sessions!!! 🙂 Accept, accept all of it, see that it is perfect, just as it is, see that it can both be perfect and completely imperfect all at the same time. See that life is messy and diverse, and complicated and simple, and ugly and beautiful… ALL OF IT, no wrong, no right, just WHAT IS.

Q: All of a sudden there is a full stop inside of me…

Q: I see all the people in all their beauty exactly as they are
YES EXACTLY – but that also includes their healing, their journeys, their processes, their ‘awakenings’ – ALL of it. It includes when I sit down with you (or anyone), I don’t see you as broken, I see you as perfect, I see everyone as perfect, all of it. But questions come, answers come, healing happens, shaktipat happens, awakening happens, friendship happens, mentorship happens, teaching happens, LIFE happens. EXACTLY. BEAUTIFULLY. AS. IT. DOES.

Q: Is even this old structure of student and teacher and helping integration master collapsing entirely? Even if it’s on a face to face friendship base?
In you, in this moment, this structure is being see through, being seen for what it is. It was always an illusion of consciousness playing out in itself. No student, no teachers, no integration, just consciousness. Just consciousness showing up as student, teacher and integration. Again…. WHAT IS

Q: Have I forgotten through the years of spiritual search just to talk about normal stuff?
YES quite possibly… give it a try… lol.

Q: Why am I constantly reflecting?
Because that’s what’s happening right now, maybe in the next moment that’s not what’s happening

Q: Why not just living?
Like I said… give it a go… get a hobby, play, enjoy, live, jump in feet first and see what happens! (If you can)

Q: Can I even return to a “regular” basic simple life?
LOL I don’t know…depends on what you see as ‘regular’… for me the jury is out on what is ‘regular’. Again, stop with rejecting one way over another. See that whatever is happening is what is meant to happen. If you find yourself getting a job in the supermarket, then that is what is happening, if you find yourself doing ‘healing’ work that’s what’s happening too. I personally have ZERO attachment to this kind of ‘work’ that I find myself doing right now, I’d be fine if I ended up working in a supermarket tomorrow. Yes we have a life that the majority of people don’t have, but honestly I don’t give two hoots about it, if we suddenly start living a ‘normal’ life and never utter words like ‘spirituality’ or ‘consciousness’ again then that’s what’s happening and I’m totally fine with it. So if the impulse is to go and get a ‘regular’ simple life… see if that’s what happens, see if you find yourself making those kinds of decisions.

Q: Did the spiritual search absorb me so tremendously that even after ‘the shift’ I am still somewhat searching in the not searching (may sound crazy?) and don’t even know how to operate outside of the ‘spiritual playground’?
Yes this is possibly quite true. But I don’t think that will last…. the fan is still spinning even though the ‘seeking’ power has stopped for the most part. But who knows….. Maybe this email that you wrote will be enough for you to see that you’re not operating in the ‘spiritual playground’ now… you’re operating in the LIFE playground 🙂

Q: Is there a global shift taking place where there is this huge awakening and besides this, huge collapsing of ‘wrong-ness’ and ‘not worthy of awakening’. Are these really old structures dying away with such high speed that we just can’t follow?
We live in a very interesting time (although I’m sure people have been saying that for millennia) and there certainly does seem to be more and more people awakening to their primordial nature, in a much more democratised way, I believe the Internet has played a big part in that. But honestly, I don’t know….time will tell. But I don’t NEED to know either; I’m just present and here to whatever comes up in each and every moment. Any projections of the future and analysis of the current systems and paradigms are just one perspective where another million perspective can be found too.

Q: Maybe even ‘awakening’ is dying away?
You can name it however you like, but I do see that consciousness enjoys to find and know itself (right now anyway), maybe that won’t be the case sometime… if so cool… if not… cool too…… who am I to say awakening should or should not be showing up as awakening… it just IS what’s happening in some, maybe everyone… who knows???

Q: Are we sensing so much going on, that we are just having a hard time to sort it out, maybe we think it is us, yet it’s the world, do you know what I mean?
Yes… again I don’t know. To me the world IS me. They are one and the same… but if your experience is different…….. take a look and see what you find.

Q: Dearest….that’s what’s going on???? HAHAHA, there’s the whys showing up again ;P I love the whys… they send one right into a loop of unknowingness and mystery because they can’t ever be truly be answered!!!! BUT IT’S NOT ‘WRONG’ THAT THEY’RE SHOWING UP…. 😀

Q: I feel so hurt, so vulnerable, so wrong, so right, so confused, so clear, so young, so old, the rejected child, the grown woman standing up for myself, some played out character in this, no ability to influence a thing, an energy arising in all of this, no different from the sun in the coloured leaves outside,
YES ALL OF THIS… welcome to my world and more!! Accept it, don’t accept it, love it, don’t love it…. doesn’t matter…. but it’s easier and dare I say a lot of fun, if you can. It amazing what life can throw up all at the same time, seeming contradictions and paradoxes all at once. This messy beautiful, human life is so full of life, so full of experiencing, it’s a wonder to behold.

Q: A fear of being abandoned for speaking up, and yet not to be stopped, it’s shaking the ground, it’s shaky all together.
Yes there is NO SOLID GROUND OF EXPERIENCE…. it shifts and changes constantly.

Q: Is this a typical stage of integration?
It’s hard to say ‘typical’ but have I see it before, in myself and others?  – YES YES YES YES YES

Q: I feel like walking on the edge between old /before the shift and new/after the shift (no shift and yes shift) and both doesn’t work at all, as both sides even seem to not exist.
BOTH SIDES that is the key. It’s not one side or another, it’s all. At first we had talk as if moving towards one side (new post-shift) in a ‘manageable duality’ kind of way… now that doesnt work. You’ve moved beyond that even. then it all collapses… and life just becomes LIFE. No awakening, no non-awakening just WHAT IS. But it’s hard to explain this before someone can hear it… I do try to. But ultimately you have to taste the strawberry, not be described what it tastes like from someone else.

Q: It feels like these very old patterns between women and men are finally pushing through the surface with such force that the dimension is ungraspable. But is even this is a story?
Yes it’s all a story, doesn’t mean we don’t get into the story, get invested in the plot and the characters, enjoy it, hate it etc. etc. etc.

Q: Is everything just a story arising in all of this, full of emptiness and yet fullness and richness?

Q: One moment there is a validity in what’s happening even the integration with you and an apparent path showing up, the next moment it’s entirely gone.
ALL OF IT, don’t be scared of the apparent paradox and contradictions, it’s JUST WHAT’S SHOWING UP, WHAT’S HAPPENING. Consciousness (for what of a better word) is fine with contradictions and paradoxes, if it wasn’t then they wouldn’t be showing up… do you get what I’m saying yet? 🙂

Acceptance of WHAT IS is the key to all of this.


If you have a question you’d like to ask me please get in touch via email, social media or even post your question in the comments below. If your question (and therefore my response) could be helpful to others I may even do another ‘conversations & questions’ post (don’t worry, all info connecting to you personally would be removed!)

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