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Know Thy Self

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An exploration of the wisdom and the unexpected gift in allowing yourself to be misunderstood, to be projected upon, to even be demonised in the eyes of someone else, maybe even everyone else…

To not need to defend, to not push away, to not take offence, to not assert their wrongness or your rightness, but instead to use it as a mirror, to take the picture life presents fully in.

Yet to do this is the type-rope walking of a very delicate line. To not allow it to get sticky within you, identified, calcified. To not take it personally. To not take ownership except in the context of finding it to be a reflection of something already there in you that needs to be seen, met and transmuted.

What you may find might not even be what’s being pointed to by the other. So let yourself be along for the ride, welcoming all twists and turns.

This is the difference between holding it lightly and easily in your Being, and carrying the heavy load and burden of “I am this”, of ownership, of misidentification.

To be brave enough to hold it with love and the light/wisdom of seeing, to be with it, to explore it, to allow every rock to be unturned. It’s not for the faint hearted and it requires you to go places that walk a precipice knife edge of surrender.

This is an exploration of the felt knowingness, the direct somatic experience rather than just with the analytical and judgemental mind. This is an exploration from the heart, with the seeing eye of the heart.

This is not about gaining answers, but about being with questions, being with the experience, the energy of the words, the action. This is about becoming intimate with and uncovering the clarity, the truth if you will, of what life is showing you – both of yourself and of them.

To me this is love, to not be afraid to curiously, even playfully, explore, observe, discover. To not need to pin down and claim a certainty.

This is not about actions to take, but the very act of inquiry. The act of becoming more intimate with life.

The act of coming to “Know Thy Self”.

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  1. Nicola

    This is an important pointing, and it goes against how we’ve been conditioned to feel, behave and act. It takes a great deal of gentleness and willingness to surrender, surrender and surrender some more. The ego structure of pride, self-righteous indignation and vulnerability, really doesn’t like it. At least, this is what I experience. I forget my commitment in the heat of the moment and harden, blame, etc. But I know this “act of inquiry”, this “holding with love”, this pausing, this laying down of old patterns, is the Way. Thank you for this reminder and encouragement.