You Are Love

Love feels like the greatest risk but is in fact the greatest reward, because love itself IS the reward. Love cannot be taken away from you, only the seeming objects of love can come and go. But love is the SUBJECT, YOU are the subject. YOU. ARE. LOVE. So let love flow. Let it not be about the object. Let love be about YOU, that tender expression of love that you are. Let yourself BE with and as love itself. Let yourself open and flower to your own love, even when there is fear there too. Let yourself keep opening and opening to yourself, so that you may see that love is just the flow of life, the flow of Self back to the Self.

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The Oak That Grows

By Grace there has been a fierce love of life,  love of love, love of truth, planted in the heart as a tiny tender seed. That seed grows in the soil of mess and muck, where unmet and unseen feelings of life live. Where the hardship and sorrow, fear and loneliness, doubt and confusion, lack of self love and self acceptance are abundant. Yet that hardy seed still grows. Not in spite of, but because of. It finds its roots, its stem, its leaves in amongst depression and grief, hopelessness and despair, and it used them as fuel for a it's tender blossoming fruit and flower. That seed grows into a mighty oak. And that oak knows the true meaning of unconditional love and acceptance. That oak knows its Self. Its fruition may have been hard won, fought in the mud and messiness of life. But in that messiness was found to be true harmony. It was found to be all. It was found to be Self. It was found to be HOME.

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A Celebration of Existence

A life of freedom is to embrace it all. The highs AND the lows, the light AND the shadow. To celebrate each moment as entirely divine and magical, yet fully ordinary and mundane. To enjoy the textures and colours of existence, without judgment or division. To be able to fall in love with it all. The silence AND the noise, the calm AND the chaos. Life is here for us to enjoy, because life as we experience it is a continuous celebration of existence. Where there is seeming conflict and opposition sink into the resolution in the heart, where there is room for even the most extreme of paradoxes. Where there is grief and regret surrender into the compassion and understanding of the heart, where there is forgiveness for it all. Where there is confusion and doubt allow yourself to swim in the unknowing mystery of the heart, where no answers or definites are required. Where there is striving and longing let go into the heart of this moment, where everything is perfectly unfolding without exception. Welcome each moment with the fullness of your heart, with the fullness of acceptance and love for all that life is. Give your existence…

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Oh Merciful Love

Oh Merciful Love! Is not this love a universal love? A universal and all forgiving love. You fear your actions put you beyond redemption, beyond forgiveness. But what is unforgivable in the eyes of love? Grace has no such judgements of deservedness or not. Grace seeps into the hearts of all those who welcome her, of all those that open their hearts to the possibility of love. There are none so evil, so bad, so unredeemable that cannot be seen in the light of love when the understanding of what makes us do what we do is given space to dance. Grace is merciful, Grace is kind, Grace fills the air with the loving embrace of a mother unconditionally accepting her children back into the fold, endlessly time and time again. Don't be fooled into thinking that you are unworthy of love. Unworthiness comes from the realm of judgement and assumptions of action being unforgivable. Just look deeper: all action yearns for love, for wholeness, for acceptance. In its way all action comes from love no matter how misguided and utterly messy the results may be. So let us fall ceaselessly in love; let us fall fully into the arms…

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Have Faith

We all have a relationship with faith whether we're conscious of it or not. Faith in your self Faith in your body, in your health Faith in human nature Faith in your ability to know fact from fiction Faith in your resilience, your gifts and aptitudes Faith in your power and your drive to achieve Faith in your learning, in your knowledge, your education Faith in your spiritual practice or your meditation Faith in your loved ones, your family, your friends Faith in society, in community, even faith in government or systems Faith in gravity and other in scientific explanations of life Faith in something more than yourself, a higher power, an unseen force of life Faith in nature, in mother earth Faith in God, Gods or Goddesses Faith in the divine Faith in love Faith in trust Faith in truth Faith in life Even your non-faith has faith in that So can your faith be greater than your fear? Can you let yourself surrender into faith rather than go with the contraction into control and mistrust, where you lose sight of that faith in life to show you the way no matter what? Can you choose love and trust of life…

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Sacred Beautiful Life

This life is sacred. This body is sacred. This mind is sacred. These emotions and these thoughts are sacred. This fear and this grief is sacred. This existence is sacred. All of life's existence and expression is that of consciousness. Awareness-consciousness makes no distinction between the ordinary and the extraordinary, no distinction between the humanness and the divine. For all is the playground of existence. All is the sacred emanations of life. All held in the embrace of awareness. Do not presume to know better. Do not presume that your mind's judgment of what is holy and what is not means anything in the eyes of consciousness. For even the messy, fearful and supremely human expressions of consciousness are sacred and beautiful moments dancing in the light of awareness. Even the protestations of right and wrong, the valuing and the rejecting of this or that, even these too are sacred expressions to be experienced and tasted fully. Can you include it all? Because how is it possible to not? Can you really truly reject anything if even that rejection is included too? That which turns up as us and in us is there through Grace, it's there as the wisdom…

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In the Fire of Life

I invite you into the fire of life where the light burns so brightly on all that is. The uncomfortable and unfathomable truth and rawness of this moment is inescapable and unyielding leaving no choice but to surrender. The fire burns bright tonight and with this the ground shifts beneath your feet. The stability that felt hard won is gone in an instant taking with it all sense of knowing all sense of certainty. Your heart burns bright cracking open with aliveness with all possibilities All that is all that was all that can be held in the infinite fiery embrace of this moment. Resistance is futile here for there is space for it all. Yes even resistance itself. The heart surrenders the fever breaks and with it rushes in a sense of awe and wonder that even this yes even this can be included in your story of life.

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Sending Love

Sending love to those who are trying to heal from things they do not discuss. Sending love to those that have been caught off guard by life in unimaginable ways. Sending love to those that feel alone and unable to share what they are going through. Sending love to those that feel they are unworthy or undeserving of kindness, of love. Sending love to those who are struggling but are still trying their best to survive. Sending love to those that need it most but feel shame and fear to ask for it. Sending love to those that suffer silently with nowhere to turn. Sending love to those in the belly of darkness and pain. Sending love to those that feel misunderstood and unrelatable. Sending love to those that are trying their best even when it seems like it's not good enough. Sending love to each and every one of you walking your life's path. Sending love.... 💜🙏💜

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The Vast Patience of the Heart

Patience is not just a practice to be kept. Patience is not just an effort to be continuously made. True patience comes naturally and spontaneously when you are impregnated fully with love. That love which fills every corner of your heart. That love that knows no bounds, no time limits, no conditions, no end. That love is where the vast and infinite patience for it all is found. Patience for the journey as it slowly walks its path. Patience for the moment it takes to find those right words. Patience for the emotion that takes its time to pass. Patience for the highs and lows of life to cycle through at their own pace. Patience for the stories and dramas that get played out again and again. Patience for the body as it takes its needed rest, its needed pause. Patience for the constant learning and the seeming wrong turns. Patience for the endless opening and heartbreak that life inevitably brings. Patience for the childlike discovery and excitement of every new moment. Patience for the depth of human messiness that is yet to unfold. Patience for even the impatient need to move onto the next and the next. Patience isn't…

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When You Find a Friend

When you find a friend where there is no pretence, no mask, no holding back. A friend that you can laugh and cry and shout and be with no matter what flavour of you is shining through. A friend who can see you at your messiest but still see your beauty and your love. A friend who is a safe haven of fierce loyalty and kindness when it feels like the whole world is against you. A friend who inspires you to grow and stretch into the best version of yourself, but doesn't scold you for being at your worst too. A friend that you have no fear of judgement or rejection with. A friend that tells you straight when you're drifting off course but never judges you for it. A friend that holds space for you even when you can't hold space for yourself. When you find that friend ... cherish and nurture them, don't take them for granted. For true friends who love you for exactly who you are are hard to come by and a blessed gift of life. -- To all those friends who have walked this earth with me for however long or short... thank…

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I wear my scars not like armour that I'm proud of or a badge of honour that I boast about, but as acknowledgement and reverence for what I have experienced. For the lessons I have learnt and as a reminder of what I have gone through. I'm neither proud or not proud They depict the humbling life showed me. They are just a part of me A part that I once tried to hide A part that I was once ashamed and avoidant of A part that I have now learnt to embrace and love. My scars tell a story But it's just that A story. They don't define me.

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The Sweetness of an Open Heart

There are none so bright and full of love than those that have allowed life to penetrate them fully. Cracked open so immensely and felt so deeply the depth and breadth of their experiencing. Leaving no stone unturned, no shadow unseen, no feeling unmet. Those that have surrendered so tenderly to the acknowledgement that they know nothing. That they are but a whisper on the lips of life, carried in the arms of Grace, and held in the groundlessness of Being itself. Their cracked open heart laid gently to rest at the feet of their very own beloved Self.

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If resistance shows up, then let that resistance in too.   Let it wash over you and into you without any sense of wrongness.   Even resistance in all its glory is held tenderly in the depths of Being.   So fall, fall darling one into the heart of surrender and let life all the way in.   Even if only for a moment, this moment is all it takes.

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Divine Humanness

Your humanness is a gift to be cherished not a dirty little secret to be hidden It is divinity in it's expression ALL . OF . IT . Don't be tempted to run from it Embracing the fullness of your experience reveals the fullness of love it reveals the emptiness of your core and reveals that there was never anything to run from and nowhere to run to

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I Have a Secret

I have a secret to tell... I sound like I know what I'm talking about but in truth I live entirely in the unknown No stakes to place No walls or ceilings or floors to hang on to life is a free-fall of continuous newness It's a leap of faith and trust and it's the ever present continuation of acceptance I have no opinions and no agenda nothing to rely on or anything to lay claim over I see life as a gift and all the content that shows up in it part of that gift Most people are so quick to try and pin down life to make rules to live by find positions to take and opinions to have But to step into the unknown is to step out of the mind of conception and into the realm of Grace into the realm of Self into the realm of awareness logic will do you no good here

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By Grace

Life is not some beast to be tamed, a project to be mastered, or your b$*%h to be controlled. Life is a gift. The gift of Grace. And with this recognition I bow to the feet of life in gratitude. Grace courses through us in everything we touch, in everything we experience. There is nothing that isn't Grace. "It's all by Grace" For me is the most powerful and humbling recognition. The acknowledgement that I have no control. That I am here, all of me, all of my experiencing by Grace. And so in this it's all seen as a gift. -- Some call it God. Some call it Consciousness. Some call it fate. There are many names all pointing to that ineffable impersonal activity of life. I call it Grace. The infinite actions and endless possibilities of life playing life in the ocean of life. Wild and unpredictable. Plenty of variation, but no separation. Just as the sun shines on all, Grace is in all. There are no distinctions of good or bad, no questions of right or wrong. Everything that happens, everything that doesn't, all by Grace. Every whisper of a thought, every flash of a memory, every…

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The Heart of Life

Please don't forget to save some love for yourself It's so easy to give so freely  so that you avoid the heartache that pulses inside To focus on the other to love the other to help the other To have the attention be so fully on the outer actions of life so that the inner shadows can be hidden and forgotten Those inner shadows and pains yearn for your attention yearn for your love yearn to be accepted Don't forget that the kindest thing you can do for humanity is start from you and radiate from there Nourish and hold that beautiful heart in the fullness of love Let it shine with abandon Let it sing it's heart song A loved heart is the most powerful thing to behold A loved heart is unstoppable Start from you You are the key to the heart of life

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Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off

Sometimes life brings you to your knees. Floors you with it's strong wisdom. Shows you where the shadows still lie. Where the aspects of yourself are that still go unmet.   It's a calling that when ignored screams and kicks and shouts to be seen, to be heard.   It's a gut punch of a moment one that takes the breath away and leaves all else quivering in its wake.   All else stops.   So you stop with it close the eyes and listen.   Listen to where life is taking you. Listen to what life is showing you. Listen to your heart, to your soul, to your Being.   No more strategies No more solutions No more resistance No more avoidance Just simply what is.   And in that silence all is found.   All the mess all the heartbreak all the mistrust being met fully.   All the darkness comes into the light.   The opening of yourself so vast that the edge is never met The melting of all the hurt and violence into acceptance and love.   Love wins out.   And so you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and on you go…

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The Head or the Heart

There's a constant exploration of life that is immediate. To listen to your body, your physical response to life, your intuitive knowingness. The pull towards yes or no. Not on an intellectual level, but on a physical level  of what's right or wrong for you in that moment. And we are conditioned to override this all the time. There's a bravery and a risk to listening to that intuition. Your heart, your physical response and reaction to life. Often it can go against everything that you think you know. But it's screaming for your attention. Will the head win? Or will the heart? Will you let the conditioning and the head run the show? Or will the naturalness of life win out? This can be a big battle for most. The intuition and the heart eventually will win the war, but it can take time.

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Not a Safe Space

This is not a safe space. I am not a safe space. If safe space to you means that you will not be challenged, and that you cannot challenge me, then I am not a safe space. I want to fully lean into life, have no stone unturned. No sacred cows that cannot be found. To me the only way to deal with this life, is to learn how to live it without a safe space. To learn to live it without the need to avoid. To meet everything, in every moment, fully. I'd rather meet and be met then avoid. No matter how painful, how raw. I'd rather live in openness, not closed-ness. So IF I offer a safe space, it's the space where anything can be explored, anything can be embraced, with compassion and tenderness. But especially those things that trigger us, because how can you expect those triggers to ever be healed if you're not willing to go there, to look at them. They will forever be in the corner of your existence, just there within reaching distance, never far away. Leaving you with an ever-present sense of insecurity and danger. So to me a safe space…

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Walking in Old Wounds

Here I am again, holding space for the palpitating panic that I'm experiencing. Giving it the space to roam free. A safe, embracing, loving space of not trying to fix it. A shaky space of unknowing. The need to fix, to help, to soothe, to solve, taps into my deepest struggle of a core wound. It still comes up, especially in the role I find myself in. Somedays I feel like life is playing one big cosmic joke on me. The joke of putting me front and centre in the fire of my biggest struggle. Making me face it again again until it's accepted, healed, dissolved, seen through, felt fully.... I don't know what, all of the above and more probably! The need to fix so as not to feel this burning, this sense of helplessness, the uncomfortable, unbearable pain and heartbreak. The deep feeling for another's struggle. My need to fix is my escape, an escape which solves nothing, certainly not permanently. But can I walk my talk? Can I hold space for this? Can I let myself fall into this burning, into my own heartache? Can I let go of this escape route? Yes. Because what is the…

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My Heart Hurts Today

My heart hurts today. The loss of a loved one is never easy. Tender, broken and so wide open. So full of love, so beautiful. The waves of emotions, energies and memories break over me when least expected. Life is a precious thing, but so is death. Death brings up so much to the surface The unavoidable mirror of change and the inevitability of loss. The lack of certainty and control, and the great unknown. Emotions are high, everyone dealing with it in their own way, messy and inelegant. The appreciation and love for those who are both gone and those who are still here. All parading past in my heart. Every moment filled with equal intensity of love and pain.   In memory of my dear Uncle Andrew, 1951-2019

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Dig Deep

In those moment when you can't see a way forward through the darkness and confusion, breathe all the way through to the ends of you fingers and toes. Notice your aliveness, your awareness of that aliveness. Don’t be afraid of the shadows in the dark night of your soul. Embrace that darkness, lean into it. Bring the light of awareness, your light, into the dark. The shadows call for attention and recognition, they call for love not rejection. Give them the attention they seek don’t hide from them. You can't hide from them. Breathe deep and boldly move forward one foot in front of another, even if that boldness is full of fear don’t let fear stop you. Don’t become a slave to doubt and fear. See that they are arising and falling as naturally as you breathe, as naturally as happiness and joy or sadness and sorrow. See that all that arises is fleetingly held in the sweet embrace of your being and then dissolves whence it came. So dig deep, belly breathe through ALL of life's experience one foot in front of another without reference to past or fear of future.

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When The Chatter Ceases

When the story drops away When the chatter ceases to be When the drama and ups & downs dry up When the endless dissatisfaction and seeking stops When the feeling of next, next, next is gone What are you left with then? This Just this This that is everything and nothing This that is life Everything that you once knew Or thought you knew Cease to feel relevant And yet here you still are Aware Alive Here Its a leap into the unknown A free-fall in life Nothing to hold on to Nowhere to put a stake in the sand Fresh in every moment No past No future No next No present No now Just This Beautiful, alive Isness

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