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The Head or the Heart

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There’s a constant
exploration of life
that is immediate.

To listen to your body,
your physical response to life,
your intuitive knowingness.
The pull towards yes or no.

Not on an intellectual level,
but on a physical levelĀ 
of what’s right or wrong
for you in that moment.

And we are conditioned to override this all the time.

There’s a bravery
and a risk
to listening to that intuition.
Your heart,
your physical
response and reaction
to life.

Often it can go against
everything that you think you know.

But it’s screaming for your attention.

Will the head win?
Or will the heart?

Will you let the conditioning and the head run the show?
Or will the naturalness of life win out?

This can be a big battle for most.

The intuition and the heart
eventually will win the war,
but it can take time.

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