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Trusting Your Way

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There are SOOO many different ways of doing this work of holding space and guiding & supporting others. And so many ways of awakening to our nature and integrating and embodying that fully in the human expression that we are. Infinite ways of Being.
If I could ever impart anything to anyone – It is to trust YOUR way.
To not assume that just because there’s someone, a teacher or such, that seems amazing, and they have all the answers and they are doing it the way you aspire to even, that their way is the “correct” way (for you).
Do not diminish and take for granted the wisdom that you hold, through your life experience, through your body, through the embodied spark of consciousness that you are, the particular flavour and footprint of your life. That this is actually what life has gifted this world and birthed into existence and it’s not a mistake at all. We cannot dishonour life or ourselves by assuming that there is any part of who and what we are that is incorrect.
And in that way you can use other people as a model and a mirror, but never step away from the entire trust of whatever you’re walking through, and what your unique expression is. What you are navigating and walking through, is not only your “personal” lessons, wisdom and growth, but is also your gift to life, to others and to this world.
It is how you are showing up and transmitting the light of consciousness that you are in this world, at this time.
Trust your way and your expression.

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  1. ward

    The teacher is nothing less than the one who already is. So does the proverbial Liars Paradox point to no answer other than that we need know nothing except what we need to live. The fools speak but the wise listen.