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Evolving Beyond Old Structures

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It is a time of great evolution, a time that asks us to go beyond the collective structures that bind us to the heavy ties of past traumas and energetic imprints. We can awaken to our nature, our Self, our transcended reality, but to embody the wholeness of that realisation, that remembrance, we must root out, wash away and dissolve these old energetic fields and densities held within us.

Every organ, every cell, every form, every mental reference point must be liberated from our primary orientation to these structures, so that we may embody the full capabilities inherent to us as spirit, in form.

This process is not an easy one. The crumbling of structures that have imprinted within themselves even the subtle, slippery belief of the necessity for these very structures. So stepping out of this feels shaky and even wrong. But even though it may feel shaky and unknown there is a deep remembrance of the necessity and more than that, entire correctness of this process.

The casting off of these heavy fields is a task that has to happen, but the cost of it feels insurmountable whilst still standing within the structure – like a heavy cloak of the collective. But once liberated from these structures we find the lightness and joy of Being again. We find the full depth and breadth of all that we are. We find the entire ‘correctness’ of existence, the entire correctness of ourself in its form.

Like a chick being birthed out of its shell of old structure and into the open world. A new beginning, a new way of Being, a new anchor point or ‘true north’.

For a while we may find this confusing, but we know, our souls know and our bodies know, the direction to point ourselves in is towards our Self. It is not towards another, but towards ourself.

There are those that have gone through this process. They hold a light of possibility, they hold a light up to the pathway forward. But it is for each of us to step on and up to that path. It is for each of us to have the courage to say “yes”, to have the courage to go against the tide of the collective that as a whole keeps us within the walls of its heavy energy field. It is for each of us to cast these fields aside and reference our own energy, our own power, our own light – beyond all structures, so that we find out what is inherent, what is primordial, what is, simply put – our SELF.

My job, and the job of others that walk this pathless path is to show you and encourage you that this is possible. To reassure you that you have all that is needed, to flower into the full potential of the embodied Self.

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