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An Open Heart, A Kinder World

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The deep heartbreak of what is and what has been happening in the world of late brings with it an opportunity to light a fire in the heart in service of lasting change. The willingness to be that change for a better, kinder world starts within us all, with an open, tender and loving heart.
I pray with every breath for peace in the world. Peace on all levels and for all beings. I pray for every individual to sink so fully into their hearts and with that to treat all in this world, inclusive of themselves, with the care and love that is so desperately needed.
We must not only cease the many conflicts in this world, but the conflicts many often face silently every day with the inner most tender, hidden and neglected parts of ourselves. This inner fight all too often spills out into the world in unforeseen ways, and vice versa.
It is not only our omnipresent, transcendent divinity but also our ephemeral, embodied humanity that unifies us. In finding our commonality we can truly celebrate our diversity and our differences, no longer seeing them as a threat of any kind.
May all beings be at peace.
~ Imogen

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  1. John Phillips

    Hello Imogen, Came across you through Renata’s interview, lovely girl been slightly besotted for many a year,Ian’s a good lad too; read all your posts,,did a couple of your meditations ….. My doldrums of the worldly MESS have gone away you lovely thing..I’m going to give the Divine Light Transmission a try. I’m quite ancient courted the spiritual world similar to you, researched crop circles and other phenomena for many a year. Right on board with your philosophy. I live in beautiful British Columbia. Became a glass blower at the age of 50 so its never too late to try something new.
    I’ll leave you a poem.
    I am That, I am
    From no- thing I come,
    To no-thing I go
    I must be Some- Thing
    To Know.

  2. Conchi

    May all beings be at peace