You Are Love

Love feels like the greatest risk but is in fact the greatest reward, because love itself IS the reward. Love cannot be taken away from you, only the seeming objects of love can come and go. But love is the SUBJECT, YOU are the subject. YOU. ARE. LOVE. So let love flow. Let it not be about the object. Let love be about YOU, that tender expression of love that you are. Let yourself BE with and as love itself. Let yourself open and flower to your own love, even when there is fear there too. Let yourself keep opening and opening to yourself, so that you may see that love is just the flow of life, the flow of Self back to the Self.

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The Oak That Grows

By Grace there has been a fierce love of life,  love of love, love of truth, planted in the heart as a tiny tender seed. That seed grows in the soil of mess and muck, where unmet and unseen feelings of life live. Where the hardship and sorrow, fear and loneliness, doubt and confusion, lack of self love and self acceptance are abundant. Yet that hardy seed still grows. Not in spite of, but because of. It finds its roots, its stem, its leaves in amongst depression and grief, hopelessness and despair, and it used them as fuel for a it's tender blossoming fruit and flower. That seed grows into a mighty oak. And that oak knows the true meaning of unconditional love and acceptance. That oak knows its Self. Its fruition may have been hard won, fought in the mud and messiness of life. But in that messiness was found to be true harmony. It was found to be all. It was found to be Self. It was found to be HOME.

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In the Fire of Life

I invite you into the fire of life where the light burns so brightly on all that is. The uncomfortable and unfathomable truth and rawness of this moment is inescapable and unyielding leaving no choice but to surrender. The fire burns bright tonight and with this the ground shifts beneath your feet. The stability that felt hard won is gone in an instant taking with it all sense of knowing all sense of certainty. Your heart burns bright cracking open with aliveness with all possibilities All that is all that was all that can be held in the infinite fiery embrace of this moment. Resistance is futile here for there is space for it all. Yes even resistance itself. The heart surrenders the fever breaks and with it rushes in a sense of awe and wonder that even this yes even this can be included in your story of life.

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The Sweetness of an Open Heart

There are none so bright and full of love than those that have allowed life to penetrate them fully. Cracked open so immensely and felt so deeply the depth and breadth of their experiencing. Leaving no stone unturned, no shadow unseen, no feeling unmet. Those that have surrendered so tenderly to the acknowledgement that they know nothing. That they are but a whisper on the lips of life, carried in the arms of Grace, and held in the groundlessness of Being itself. Their cracked open heart laid gently to rest at the feet of their very own beloved Self.

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Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off

Sometimes life brings you to your knees. Floors you with it's strong wisdom. Shows you where the shadows still lie. Where the aspects of yourself are that still go unmet.   It's a calling that when ignored screams and kicks and shouts to be seen, to be heard.   It's a gut punch of a moment one that takes the breath away and leaves all else quivering in its wake.   All else stops.   So you stop with it close the eyes and listen.   Listen to where life is taking you. Listen to what life is showing you. Listen to your heart, to your soul, to your Being.   No more strategies No more solutions No more resistance No more avoidance Just simply what is.   And in that silence all is found.   All the mess all the heartbreak all the mistrust being met fully.   All the darkness comes into the light.   The opening of yourself so vast that the edge is never met The melting of all the hurt and violence into acceptance and love.   Love wins out.   And so you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and on you go…

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The Head or the Heart

There's a constant exploration of life that is immediate. To listen to your body, your physical response to life, your intuitive knowingness. The pull towards yes or no. Not on an intellectual level, but on a physical level  of what's right or wrong for you in that moment. And we are conditioned to override this all the time. There's a bravery and a risk to listening to that intuition. Your heart, your physical response and reaction to life. Often it can go against everything that you think you know. But it's screaming for your attention. Will the head win? Or will the heart? Will you let the conditioning and the head run the show? Or will the naturalness of life win out? This can be a big battle for most. The intuition and the heart eventually will win the war, but it can take time.

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When The Chatter Ceases

When the story drops away When the chatter ceases to be When the drama and ups & downs dry up When the endless dissatisfaction and seeking stops When the feeling of next, next, next is gone What are you left with then? This Just this This that is everything and nothing This that is life Everything that you once knew Or thought you knew Cease to feel relevant And yet here you still are Aware Alive Here Its a leap into the unknown A free-fall in life Nothing to hold on to Nowhere to put a stake in the sand Fresh in every moment No past No future No next No present No now Just This Beautiful, alive Isness

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Freedom to Freely BE

I don’t require you to be anyone to turn up switch on to be someone Here in this space I have no use for concepts and opinions assertions and knowledge here in this space we can just BE Be as we are naked and vulnerable strong and fiery broken and lost angry or sad joy-filled and blissful or nothing at all Here in this space we can explore the depth of humanity traverse the fields of experiencing sit in this divine Isness of life but most of all be free free to be free to be without attributes free to be whatever and whoever we are free to sink into this moment again and again and again

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Just for a Moment

Keep letting go that dogged determination of seeking whether it be experiences and pleasure-seeking better and more ‘stuff’ vaster and deeper knowledge more experienced and valued skills let it all go just for a moment and experience this moment. Experience what it is to live life as awareness unadorned with the commentary of the mind theres nothing to get rid of, no bad thought all must be held in the tender embrace of acceptance for the real blossoming of life lived in truth and freedom to be recognised as your birthright all along.

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I Am

I don’t have any designs to be a teacher, or even a student, to be anything or anyone. I simply am. Living this life in the present moment of pure grace and spontaneity, meeting each and every moment with the fullness of my heart and the truth of this moment as I know it. Never is there anything to be rejected or avoided, never is there anything to be clung to and grasped; all is perfectly playing out on this stage of experiencing. For who am I that can possibly DO any of this, who could claim any ownership of this moment? What this isn’t is some spiritual pose, some ‘way’ of being. This is just a description of what naturally happens when the dropping of all pretences, the dropping of any held view, the total openness of Sahaja, the natural state, when What-Is is.

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Embracing Life

Look at the world as if you know nothing, don’t draw any conclusions about what you experience, or who you are.   Innocently move through life experiencing what is without the burdens of ideas, judgements and conclusions.   Take each moment a fresh, knowing that this moment will never be again.   Lovingly embrace each experience of life, how lucky we are to have the play of life grace us with its beauty and light.   Embrace all, reject nothing - see that you are the master of none but the father/mother of all.

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Stand in Truth

I stand in truth. Can I accept that I may be judged, I may be questioned, I may be ridiculed? Can I accept that, can I be brave? Can I stand in my own truth, without qualification and explanation? Can I stand sure, knowing that it’s the right thing, it’s the only thing? Can I stand in truth, unashamedly without reason, and with no excuse? Can I stand up for mySelf, stand tall for the realisation of my very being? Can I stand up for the truth of my own reality that I know so well, so intimately? Can I live my life without the influence of shoulds and should nots? Can I say to hell with it all and be as I am? Can I stand in all my glory, warts and all, honest and vulnerable? Can I accept all of it, every aspect of me, every aspect of life, can I embrace it into my heart without exception? So I stand in my truth and in turn encourage others to stand in theirs. For it’s the most loving thing I can do for myself and others. Drop all the games, all the masks, all the pretences, all the…

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This Suffering Will Pass

I feel your pain, your suffering. If I could, I'd tell you that this will pass, just as the clouds pass in the sky, just as the ripples of the dropped stone disappear, just as the passing wind that rustles the tree leaves, just as the forgotten pain of yesterdays cut finger, just as the heartbreak of first loves breakup, just as the treasured childhood wellington's long outgrown, just as the wishes of birthday candles past. Don’t hold on, for this too shall pass.

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No questions No answers No effort No doing No practice No deciding No letting go No coming No going No descriptions No disconnection No suffering No story No universe No god No you No me Awareness is aware

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Just Stop

All these thoughts whirling around in your head The whys and hows and what ifs The past regrets and plans of the future The shoulds and the should nots Just stop Stop holding on to them Stop giving energy to them Stop indulging them Stop pushing them away Stop trying to fix them Just stop There’s nothing to be figured out No puzzle piece that needs to be found No magical understanding which will make all of this make sense Let go of all these thoughts Keep letting go all day long Abide in that which is aware of all these thoughts coming and going Stay there Stop going to the thoughts as if they’ll be the answer Stay where you are Could it be so simple?

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Before Everything, You Are

I AM before all concepts, all thoughts, all emotions, all senses, before all that the body and mind experiences, before all of this, and yet all of this is contain in and as me. I AM indefinable, words fail. I go looking and the one that is looking disappears into the where looking is happening from. I AM immeasurable, ineffable silence. This silence is not silent, it's not empty, it's not a lack of sound, it's an indescribable silence, beyond words. I AM that. You ARE that.

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