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I Am

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I don’t have any designs to be a teacher,
or even a student,
to be anything or anyone.
I simply am.

Living this life in the present moment of pure grace and spontaneity,
meeting each and every moment with the fullness of my heart
and the truth of this moment as I know it.

Never is there anything to be rejected or avoided,
never is there anything to be clung to and grasped;
all is perfectly playing out on this stage of experiencing.

For who am I that can possibly DO any of this,
who could claim any ownership of this moment?

What this isn’t is some spiritual pose,
some ‘way’ of being.

This is just a description of what naturally happens
when the dropping of all pretences,
the dropping of any held view,
the total openness of Sahaja,
the natural state,
when What-Is is.

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