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By Grace

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Life is not some beast to be tamed,
a project to be mastered,
or your b$*%h to be controlled.

Life is a gift.
The gift of Grace.

And with this recognition
I bow to the feet of life
in gratitude.

Grace courses through us
in everything we touch,
in everything we experience.
There is nothing that isn’t Grace.

“It’s all by Grace”

For me is the most powerful and humbling recognition.

The acknowledgement that I have no control.
That I am here,
all of me,
all of my experiencing
by Grace.

And so in this
it’s all seen as a gift.

Some call it God.
Some call it Consciousness.
Some call it fate.
There are many names
all pointing to that ineffable impersonal activity of life.

I call it Grace.

The infinite actions and endless possibilities
of life playing life
in the ocean of life.

Wild and unpredictable.

Plenty of variation,
but no separation.

Just as the sun shines on all,
Grace is in all.

There are no distinctions of good or bad,
no questions of right or wrong.

Everything that happens,
everything that doesn’t,
all by Grace.

Every whisper of a thought,
every flash of a memory,
every definitive decision,
every decisive action,
every palpable desire,
every subtle feeling,
every wave of emotion,
every happening of life,
all by Grace.

And so life is lived,
by Grace.

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