“Imogen has a very straightforward, down-to-earth and practical style of guiding and mentoring that is very heart-centred and all inclusive. She speaks from her own direct experience and understanding about the nature of life lived in the fullness of the open awareness heart instead of through the limited mind-body mechanism. She focuses on integrating, accepting and embracing all aspects of the human experience, bringing the lofty ideals of ‘spiritual attainment’ back down to a grounded experience of Self. She has a quiet, soft and compassionate style that holds space for people to be as they are, while not being afraid to cut through the crap with a very straight talking, ‘no holds barred’ approach when called for.”


If you want to get into a richer and deeper one-on-one dialogue with me to explore further into the nature of your experience I offer video sessions on a donation basis.


If you want to get into a richer and deeper one-on-one dialogue with me to explore further into the nature of your experience I offer video sessions on a donation basis.

What is your Role?

I see my role as a mentor, a guide, a teacher, a spiritual midwife of sorts – someone who has experienced this terrain first-hand who can help guide and support you through your awakening. I’m not a therapist or a teacher of techniques and knowledge. This is not a transactional relationship of giving and receiving, but instead I am someone who turns up for the exploration of Self wholeheartedly, a meeting of our shared humanity moment to moment and as such that exploration can and does go anywhere that is called for.

I hope to help you navigate your own life, finding what your own questions and answers are. Showing you how to trust yourself, how to trust life, how to find your own light. Finding out where you are struggling and suffering, where you are play out patterns of old conditioning. I also offer an open heart, a non judgmental space and unconditional love. Acting as a mirror and an ally, but I’m also not afraid to speak my mind with vulnerability and openness.

For me it’s a relationship of two people connecting in the openness of the heart as we walk together a little while, hand in hand – each moment a new, each expression different, each journey unique.

I hope to support you in fully standing in your own shining light of Truth. 

What does a session look like?

Sessions are generally between 1-2 hours, most typically 1.5hrs.

I like to start all sessions with a few minutes of silent sitting as this provides a good platform to come together in. In these few minutes I am able to tune into you energetically, and you me (even if you’re not consciously aware of it). You may even start to become aware of the (informal) energetic transmission that starts to occur, for some they may even notice this before the session even starts.

We will then talk (Satsang) for a while – anywhere from 30–90 minutes in service of exploring where you may need some support, guidance or clarity. Feel free to ask any questions you may have – no topic is off limits as long as it’s in service of a deepening into Self. If it’s your first session I may encourage you to share a little about yourself and your journey thus far, to give a little more insight and context to our conversations going forward.

Each session ends with a ‘formal’ Divine Light Transmission which lasts roughly 15 minutes. There will be a bell that signifies the end of the transmission, at which point we will say our goodbyes keeping any talking to a minimum. I strongly recommend you rest after the session for at least 15 minutes as it really helps to integrate the energy system wide on a deeper level.

Let me know if you have any particular time constraints at the start of the session, but even so I recommend allowing for a minimum time of 45 minutes.

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Booking a Session


You can schedule a convenient date and time for your session through the booking link below.

Once you have completed the booking process you will receive a confirmation email that will have your zoom link for the session in it.

If you have any questions about the sessions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I work on a donation basis and see all the work I do as a gift freely given regardless of if someone is able to donate or not.

Donations help to support this work and allow me to dedicate further time and energy to it, so as a guide for a 1½ – 2 hour session, including a Divine Light Transmission, I suggest donations between £50 – £90 (GBP).

All donations are greatly appreciated and you’re welcome to make a donation before or after our session.


Sessions are available on a sliding scale donation basis between £120-£55 (GBP) per session. Payments are made through the booking system via PayPal or with a Credit/Debit card.

If you need to make other payment arrangements with me please get in touch, no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

If you want to go directly through PayPal… beyondimogen (at) gmail (dot) com.
If you’d rather do a direct bank transfer the details for my multi-currency wise account are available on request, just get in touch via email.