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Healthy Boundaries

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When others insist on trying to instilling their judgements and opinions and ideas of how things should or shouldn’t be done it takes a certain amount of courage and fire to hold your boundaries, to not abandon yourself but instead to hold and trust yourself while still staying open hearted and compassionate towards them. To stay true to your own direct experience and to trust that even while staying open to hearing what they’re saying or pointing to.

It’s all too easy to close the heart as a way of protection but for me this is where relative boundaries of the physical and psychological variety play a beautiful and powerful role. Learning to have good and healthy relative boundaries allows one to fall further into the open spiritual heart, the boundless and all encompassing heart of love beyond even ideas and concepts of love. Love as the subject or description/fragrance of the Self, not as an object or action undertaken fleetingly.

This kind of love holds room for even very strong boundaries to push against each other. This kind of love holds room for, but is not eclipsed by even strong conditioning and coercive projections that may be headed your way. This kind of love allows for you (and others) to have all manner of relative boundaries as it permeates all boundaries. So this kind of love has no fear of boundaries, in fact it honours and upholds them. This kind of love honours and upholds the human being and all the phenomenal relativity of life as this kind of love transcends yet includes all.

Healthy relative boundaries are a saving Grace that allow for the true expression and love of Self to flourish.

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