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The Humanness of Existence

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The utter humanness of existence cradles in it every possible emotion, sensation, feeling & thought. We can’t run from that, we can’t hide from that, we can’t avoid or resist that, and nor should we want to.

It’s our human experiencing that reveals the ever-changing world of perception that we live in – our ‘world’ is constantly being born and reborn in every moment. Embrace this change, embrace it as the play and display of awareness-consciousness (you). This play is set on the stage of pure open, unconditioned and ineffable awareness-consciousness.

So enjoy. Even enjoy the judgments and commentary of the mind, don’t take them so seriously, notice them for what they are… more of the same play on the stage of life. Don’t be afraid to experience the expressions of life, they can not overwhelm and swallow you up, good or bad they will not, they cannot stay forever.

Being free, being liberated is not some sort of ‘Spiritual Prozac’ where by ‘you’ aren’t touched by the experiences of life. To be free, liberated, enlightened (whatever you want to call it) is to fully experience all the shades of humanness in its rawness, to be free is to realize that you ARE; even when there’s fear, even when there’s a holding on or a pushing away of what’s here, you are – prior to any of the characters showing up on your stage.

Laugh to your heart’s content, sob to the deepest depths of sorrow, scream in the fire of anger, lie in the despair of apathy – all the while know that you (awareness-you) are experiencing all of this.

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