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Bliss Beyond the ‘Happiness Bliss’

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This is not the bliss of happiness; the fleeting bliss of phenomenal experience, that shows up when nothing is rocking the boat, the bliss that’s dependent on the content of life being wonderful. It’s something deeper, something more fundamental, something ever-present. It’s like an immovable mountain; the very ground you walk on. It’s peaceful beyond the word peaceful. It’s the very fabric of you.

I didn’t notice it much until now; there have been plentiful moments of the kind of happiness bliss that we all know about, both since this realization and throughout my whole life. But this…I’ve had hints of it, I’ve sensed its unceasing presence; it’s completely without words that can describe it. The nearest thing I know to say is to use the word bliss, but it feels far more primordial than that word can grasp.

It’s like putting glasses on for the first time, this bliss was out of focus and has now become sharply into the focus of my awareness. It was always there, it’s not like it just suddenly turned up; it’s just that there was so much else that was grabbing the attention. I was learning to fly like a fledgling kicked out of a nest, so the air I was flying in wasn’t the primary focus. It’s like this focus of attention has been percolating for quite some time, becoming stronger and stronger – revealing this bliss of the pure enjoyment of Self knowing itself.

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