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What is the ground of your experience?
Is it the world?
Is it the body?
Is it the thoughts?
Is it the sensations?

Or is it the simplest form of non-conceptual awareness, aware of all of *this*.

Search for the gap in between the content.
This is your clue.
This is the breadcrumbs of awareness leading you back to your essential Self.
Your Being-ness, the Is-ness prior to all else.

That which you are with no effort, with no trying, with no doing. That which you cannot NOT be.

It’s right there under your nose, so common, so ubiquitous that it’s missed. It’s passed over for the shiny content of life. It’s the nothing special, all pervasive ordinary awareness at the heart of all experiencing.

But it’s this ordinary awareness that is so special, so magical, so mystical when it’s finally recognized for what it is.

The implications so vast, so mind blowing – quite literally.

And with that recognition everything seems the same yet nothing is ever seen in the same light again. Same same but different.

So notice the gaps,
They are your breadcrumbs,
They are your clues.

They will bring you home to the recognition of Self that is always there, so pervasive that it’s so easily overlooked.

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