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Nothing More Than This

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There’s nothing more than this…. and yet people spend their lives convinced that they’re missing something, not getting something, not where they’re supposed to be, not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Pretty much focused on everything BUT This, what IS, the present-moment experience.

There’s something in the mind that’s compelled to go with the seeking energy for that ‘greener grass’ over yonder. This constant looking/seeking motion that pulls your attention out of the very now is derived from the attachment to the idea of how life ‘should’ look. Ultimately this is where suffering shows up, where there’s a disparity between how life should look, i.e. your expectations, and the reality of what is actually happening. But if for a moment you can set aside this seeking, this outward searching movement to fulfill expectations and desires, and look to your own experience prior to words and descriptions in this very moment – is there anything lacking here?

In the silence of Being nothing is needed – awareness simply is. In this isness there’s a natural ease, a relaxing, a causeless joy. No suffering can be found, no expectations, no desires, no lack of any kind. Keep quiet and abide in this beingness, this awareness that you are. From this place, witness the unfolding of life and see that there’s nothing to do, nothing to change, nothing to be, and no wrong turns that can be made.

And so the seeking stops with the realization that there’s nothing more than this.


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