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Energetic Blocks: An Entry Point of Further Wisdom Learning

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I often get asked about how to resolve blocked chakras or knots of stagnated energy in the system.

My current hypotheses based on my experience working on the energetic level both with myself and others over the years is that I see energetic ‘blocks’ less of something in your way that needs to be gotten rid of or fixed, and more that there is a contraction of energy, or an unknown/unseen aspect of our experience where there is something we have not been (yet) able to meet with open hearted and loving curiosity.

To me ‘blocks’ are actually where life is calling our attention to. An entry point of further wisdom learning. Contractions where our natural free flow of energetic movement is hindered somewhat for a time. It’s not a mistake, it’s life’s conditioned response and actually a way of protecting us until we are ready and able to move through and be with that particular thing; When there can be capacity to hold it in a bigger context of Self, a bigger context of unconditional love and acceptance.

We can learn from these blocks if we don’t demonise them from the get-go as something that “shouldn’t” be there. If it’s there, then there’s a reason that it’s there. The analytical mind’s “reason” isn’t so important, and certainly shouldn’t be the primary port of call. It’s more that we need to listen and observe with our spiritual heart, our Being, to the felt experience. Resisting the temptation to label and analyse, which subtly takes us further away from direct communion with what’s arising.

It takes patience and an unconditional holding to do this. A continual and gentle opening, deepening and turning into what we are perceiving and feeling in our system. ‘Loving curiosity’ is the phrase I come back to again and again in relation to this “work”.

Over the years I’ve noticed the great benefits of having someone to bare witness to this process, to hold you as you do this, to be a grounded, yet open anchor point so that you can feel the safety of that as you traverse through what may feel fearful and immense to move towards. The mirror of the other that holds an unconditional, non judgmental and open hearted space is very healing and allows us to go to depths that sometimes aren’t available on our own.

Don’t get me wrong, you can do this work yourself, I’ve spent and continue to spend time in this way with myself. I’ve just noticed that there’s a richness when held by another (a particular kind of other I hasten to add). Especially early on, when the lived experience of moving towards not away from feels alien and “wrong”.

It’s difficult and intense work, but the fruits of it are far reaching. Fruits that can’t really be explained and known just conceptually or intellectually, they have to be literally tasted for oneself with direct experiential knowingness. Often again and again, little by little, so our trust deepens – or maybe more accurately, our mistrust of the process falls away.

Yes, this motion of moving towards that which we may have previously rejected, tried to eliminate or fix may be intense. And yes, this may be the antithesis to what we have been conditioned and taught to do. But when we gently move towards, not away from that which is seemingly painful, contracted, blocked in our system, there is actually loving awareness energy (divine light) moving towards, percolating through and transmuting it, back to its own source – the Self.

It is in the unconditional acceptance (welcoming) of the entirety of our ephemeral experience, that we find that everything has its rhythm, its place, its home. And in this recognition, we no longer fear, move away from, or try to fix/get rid of even the things that we would have traditionally considered a “problem” or a “block”.

It is then that we find our freedom in WHAT IS.

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  1. Conchi

    Thank you. Very useful to start trying to overcome traumas, too

  2. Nico

    Thank you Imogen. Yes… often what seems to hold us back is the door through which growth occurs. It can be painful to acknowledge, but with courage the path can be cleared.