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The Antifragility of Freedom

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What is your capacity to be with loss, to be with grief and sadness and loneliness, to be with fear? What is your capacity to embody all aspects of the human experience, not just the ‘good’ stuff?

It’s not that we need to go looking for this stuff, court it, wallow in it, seek it out. But it will inevitably find you, one way or another. If you spend your life running from this, finding safe ground away from the mud and melee of life, when it does show up it will feel overwhelming and scary, it will feel like it could break you, even worse, it could kill you. This safe space, this gilded cage that you have created from life will be shaken to the core. Your fragility will become apparent.

Freedom is the ability to encompass and embrace it all, it’s the antifragility of life. It’s the allowance of the full expression of life to move through you unimpeded.

Root out where you are feeling fragile with life. Become aware of it and the tendency to avoid it at all cost.

The seeing of this tendency, the noticing of what it FEELS like, how the body responds will give you your clues as to where life is calling for you to meet it still. You may not feel you have the capacity to meet life in the way it wants you to, but you do. We as humans are amazing creatures, the capacity of life to be lived through us is infinitely wise. The only boundary we often have are the boundaries of the mind, the doubts, the fears, the what ifs.

Give it a try, let go, surrender into the wisdom that life is bringing to your feet, the gift it is trying to give you.

Even if only a little, open that clenched fist you have on life, and let it all come in, you’ll be surprised at the space and loving embrace that you already have available to you, to be present for it all.

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  1. Jade Easton

    Hello Imogen,

    Been thinking of you. Thank you again for spending so much time with me. It took me awhile to understand how i am getting “caught.” Been having what i call “stillness moments” where everything is so present and that is all there is. It happens everyday but does not last long. i am not searching for it but just aware when it’s being experienced.
    So very grateful to you for this turning. Working on anti-fragility also. A marvelous word. It is a word that creates inner strength for me as i try to “meet” my life. Again, thank you!!!!

    Blessings to you.