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Taste the Strawberry

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I’m pretty much an open book these days, but I’m not some kind of spiritual google that people can ask any amount of questions and I give them the answers. Someone on twitter recently asked me “…does that mean people have no individual purpose?” A perfectly normal and unassuming question as questions go, but all of these questions, do they need to be answered? If you have the answer will it stop all questions, or will it just satisfy that particular question for a second then another one will fill it’s place? Is there a question that will end all questions? Is there an answer that will end all questions and answers? Will this cycle of questions and answers ever stop? Is there something in you that is nothing to do with questions and answers? (Wow, see how many questions I just asked there!!!) Throw out all questions, throw out all answers. They are just more of the same stuff, empty and meaningless. Keep quiet and see if any questions or answers come in this quietness of being.

The answer that you seek is not an answer at all, what you seek is the recognition or a realization of your own essential beingness. This beingness has no lack, there’s no unmet need that will be fulfilled when your questions are answered. It’s like someone asking to describe what a strawberry tastes like, but in their hand they hold a strawberry, and yet they’re still asking what does it taste like? Take a bite and find out for yourself! Go look, inquire, explore & experience that which you are asking for me to describe.

Sure, I can describe, I can point, but any description, any pointing is just that — words. It’s not the actual strawberry. I can point out that you have the strawberry right there in your hand, but I can’t taste it for you. All that I speak comes down to the same empty words, it is for you to taste the strawberry.

Once you taste that delicious strawberry of your very being you will see that no amount of questions and answers will come close to the direct experiencing of your very own nature, right here where it’s always been… at the heart of you.

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