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Feeling Into the Unknown

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We spend our lives gathering information like trading cards, it’s our currency. Knowledge of how to do things, knowledge of what social etiquettes to follow, knowledge of dates, facts and figures. Knowing anything and everything gives this sense of security and comfort. “I know that” means that you are someone to be trusted, someone to listen to. After all what good is someone who knows nothing in this world. How will they get a job and live a successful life without knowing anything. The feeling of solidity and security in this world as a ‘someone’ is heavily wrapped up in how much knowing we gather around ourselves.

The sense of not knowing brings so much fear to the forefront. We base our lives on avoiding the admission that we have no idea what the future holds. We make plans to counteract this uncomfortable feeling of not knowing. Plans that make it seem like we can ‘do’ something to stem the flow of not knowing.

But does any of this knowledge that we ‘have’ actually mean anything? Does it help anything, does it serve any purpose? Or is all of this ‘knowledge’ that we think we have just an obstruction to resting in own natural being.

When we move through life naturally like this it becomes clear that there is no lack of anything, there’s nothing needed in order for life to be lived. There’s no one that can be seen to be doing any of this and therefore no knowledge needed in order to do anything. Life is just simply happening in the space of unknowingness.

But don’t take my word for it…look for yourself – what does it look like to let go into this unknowingness?

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