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The Shortcomings of Teachings…Or Not

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Anything other than the recognition that you are formless awareness is born of the mind. There’s nothing that can adequately capture the indescribable awareness that you are. To try and do so will always fall short somehow. But it doesn’t mean that these pointings can’t be useful, that they can’t lead you to the doorstep of recognition, it’s for grace to push you over the threshold. To simply dismiss the importance and power of any or all teachings is to miss the possibility that even a woefully inadequate pointing, that is full of concepts and occlusions may in fact give way to a greater seeing.

After all, who are we to judge when that moment of recognition might arise, or in fact how that comes about. See each and every moment as perfectly attuned to your liberation. There are no mistakes, no missed opportunity, life is unfolding perfectly and we get what we need…no exceptions.

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