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It’s All Grace

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It’s all Grace.

Even when you feel Grace has forsaken you and life has thrown at you more than you can imagine would be possible, this too is Grace.

We are the infinite sky for which all spontaneously appears and disappears back whence it came. We must not falsely mistake the transient nature of life’s content for the inherent and ineffable stability of our true nature, our Self.

You are never not Self.
You are at your core, the embodiment of the Divine nature of life ebbing and flowing as it goes.
Even in your most unforgivable actions, these too are the actions of Grace.

And so all is Grace.

But when you take personal ownership of life you will find yourself feeling stuck in the push and pull of judgements of right and wrong. You will forever be chasing your tail trying to keep or trying to get rid of this or that.

You will forever be measuring yourself against ideals and questioning if you are ‘good enough’.

Can you accept all that you experience into your heart as that of the difference faces and appearances of Grace, of Consciousness, of YOU?

all is Consciousness,
all is Divine,
all is Grace,
all is Self,
and coming to accept this brings much peace.

But the ego-mind doesn’t want to,
it want’s the glory of ‘doing’ but with that it also gets the misery of failing too.
And so this cycle goes as it must, but this is Grace too.

Because there is Grace even in our most egregious ‘human failings’. This too shows us something, not for our comfort but for our growth, for our realisation. For our recognition that then blossoms out of the ashes of seen through falsities.

You are held in the arms of Grace whether you recognise it or not. Even through your suffering and your seeming missteps, Grace is there with you, guiding you, giving infinite chances to see her, to know her, as your very own Self.

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