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The Oak That Grows

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By Grace there has been
a fierce love of life, 
love of love,
love of truth,
planted in the heart
as a tiny tender seed.

That seed grows
in the soil of mess and muck,
where unmet and unseen
feelings of life live.

Where the hardship and sorrow,
fear and loneliness,
doubt and confusion,
lack of self love
and self acceptance
are abundant.

Yet that hardy seed still grows.
Not in spite of, but because of.

It finds its roots, its stem, its leaves
in amongst depression and grief,
hopelessness and despair,
and it used them as fuel
for a it’s tender blossoming
fruit and flower.

That seed grows into a mighty oak.
And that oak knows the true meaning
of unconditional love and acceptance.
That oak knows its Self.

Its fruition may have been hard won,
fought in the mud and messiness of life.
But in that messiness
was found to be true harmony.

It was found to be all.
It was found to be Self.

It was found to be HOME.

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