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A Celebration of Existence

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A life of freedom is to embrace it all.
The highs AND the lows,
the light AND the shadow.

To celebrate each moment
as entirely divine and magical,
yet fully ordinary and mundane.

To enjoy the textures and colours of existence,
without judgment or division.

To be able to fall in love with it all.
The silence AND the noise,
the calm AND the chaos.

Life is here for us to enjoy,
because life as we experience it
is a continuous celebration of existence.

Where there is seeming conflict and opposition
sink into the resolution in the heart,
where there is room for even the most extreme of paradoxes.

Where there is grief and regret
surrender into the compassion and understanding of the heart,
where there is forgiveness for it all.

Where there is confusion and doubt
allow yourself to swim in the unknowing mystery of the heart,
where no answers or definites are required.

Where there is striving and longing
let go into the heart of this moment,
where everything is perfectly unfolding without exception.

Welcome each moment with the fullness of your heart,
with the fullness of acceptance and love for all that life is.

Give your existence to life itself.
Let your life be a celebration of that.


[Photo credit: Martyn Webber]

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