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Oh Merciful Love

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Oh Merciful Love!

Is not this love a universal love? A universal and all forgiving love.

You fear your actions put you beyond redemption, beyond forgiveness.
But what is unforgivable in the eyes of love?

Grace has no such judgements of deservedness or not.
Grace seeps into the hearts of all those who welcome her, of all those that open their hearts to the possibility of love.

There are none so evil, so bad, so unredeemable that cannot be seen in the light of love when the understanding of what makes us do what we do is given space to dance.

Grace is merciful, Grace is kind, Grace fills the air with the loving embrace of a mother unconditionally accepting her children back into the fold, endlessly time and time again.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are unworthy of love.
Unworthiness comes from the realm of judgement and assumptions of action being unforgivable.

Just look deeper: all action yearns for love, for wholeness, for acceptance.
In its way all action comes from love no matter how misguided and utterly messy the results may be.

So let us fall ceaselessly in love; let us fall fully into the arms of Grace.

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