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In the Fire of Life

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I invite you into the fire of life
where the light burns so brightly
on all that is.

The uncomfortable and unfathomable
truth and rawness of this moment
is inescapable and unyielding
leaving no choice but to surrender.

The fire burns bright tonight
and with this
the ground shifts beneath your feet.

The stability that felt hard won
is gone in an instant
taking with it
all sense of knowing
all sense of certainty.

Your heart burns bright
cracking open
with aliveness
with all possibilities

All that is
all that was
all that can be
held in the infinite fiery embrace
of this moment.

Resistance is futile here
for there is space for it all.
Yes even resistance itself.

The heart surrenders
the fever breaks
and with it
rushes in
a sense of awe and wonder
that even this
even this

can be included
in your story

of life.

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