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Sacred Beautiful Life

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This life is sacred.
This body is sacred.
This mind is sacred.
These emotions and these thoughts are sacred.
This fear and this grief is sacred.
This existence is sacred.

All of life’s existence and expression is that of consciousness.
Awareness-consciousness makes no distinction between the ordinary and the extraordinary,
no distinction between the humanness and the divine.

For all is the playground of existence.
All is the sacred emanations of life.
All held in the embrace of awareness.

Do not presume to know better.
Do not presume that your mind’s judgment of what is holy and what is not
means anything in the eyes of consciousness.

For even the messy, fearful and supremely human expressions of consciousness
are sacred and beautiful moments dancing in the light of awareness.

Even the protestations of right and wrong,
the valuing and the rejecting of this or that,
even these too are sacred expressions to be experienced and tasted fully.

Can you include it all?
Because how is it possible to not?
Can you really truly reject anything if even that rejection is included too?

That which turns up as us and in us is there through Grace,
it’s there as the wisdom messenger of life,
it’s there as the sacred actor on the stage of life.

So don’t cast aside any aspect of your experience so quickly.
Don’t belittle and shame your sacred humanness.
Let life dance in you and as you in its holy uncensored way,
beyond the logic, beyond the reason, beyond limits and conditions, beyond it all
– just as it is.




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