The Illusion of Free Will

The illusion of free will is just that - an illusion. While it may be a short term comfort, the sense of control, of the person from the person, again and again we will meet the cracks that reveal the truth of it - it is just that... an illusion, a dance, a play, All. Of. It. But when holding onto this appearing seeming comfort, we can be overcome with the deeply somatic and existential fear that contradicts and points out our dearly held false belief. And in doing so, naturally the crumbling of that is a painful one to be sure. It is not the lack of control that is painful, but the holding on to falsities. We are emptiness dancing. No thinker, yet thinking happens. No doer, yet doing happens. When a letting go and surrendering of these false notions occurs it will be revealed, that "all shall be well, all shall be well, and all manor of thing shall be well." ~ Julian of Norwich All is playing out as it always did, just with the lack of overlayed commentary that talks of the failure or success of that which the "I" seemingly controlled. It is our…

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Trusting Your Way

There are SOOO many different ways of doing this work of holding space and guiding & supporting others. And so many ways of awakening to our nature and integrating and embodying that fully in the human expression that we are. Infinite ways of Being. If I could ever impart anything to anyone - It is to trust YOUR way. To not assume that just because there's someone, a teacher or such, that seems amazing, and they have all the answers and they are doing it the way you aspire to even, that their way is the "correct" way (for you). Do not diminish and take for granted the wisdom that you hold, through your life experience, through your body, through the embodied spark of consciousness that you are, the particular flavour and footprint of your life. That this is actually what life has gifted this world and birthed into existence and it's not a mistake at all. We cannot dishonour life or ourselves by assuming that there is any part of who and what we are that is incorrect. And in that way you can use other people as a model and a mirror, but never step away from the…

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My Heart Breaks, I Pray for All

What is going on in the world affects us all on many different levels, both seen and unseen. For me, what's currently happening also feels a touch personal, closer to home in some small way. I made the mistake of going on social media today, barely a moment in and I realised this was not the place to be, not for me, not right now. Especially during a retreat, the very thing I advise people against during a retreat! So here I am instead, on - my little nook of the internet. I'm not sure if this post will ever make it elsewhere. -- I am horrified by what is going on in the world on all fronts. The divisiveness, the hate, the lines we have drawn in the sand, too many to count. It all feels impossible. How can we make our way through all of this? What is to be done? Today is the anniversary of my grandmothers death. She walks with me closely still to this day. In someways closer than ever... but that's a story for another day. My grandmother's family were Ukrainian Jews, my grandfather's, Russian Jews. The current war between the two was…

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The Power of a True Companion

To be in a close and sustained relationship with another that provides a clear mirror and crucible for burning through all that you are not is one of the greatest blessings of this temporary dream we call life. There is not a moment in life that I am not cognisant of this gift that life brought me in the form of Martyn, my husband. We have been together for 19 years and there's not a day that goes by that I am not filled to the brim with gratitude for him and for our relationship. Life in many other ways has brought great aloneness, challenges and heartbreak in my life. Life lessons that required me again and again to chart my own way, to walk through the darkness towards my own light. It has not been easy. It is still not easy. To have no path, to have no-one else to rely on in that sense. My life again and again goes through cycles of birth, death and re-birth, sometimes faster than a breath that causes such whiplash. Sometimes years upon years in the making that it feels never-ending. Much of it goes unseen to the world, except to those…

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Conversations & Questions: 08/08/22

Q: What's your take on following a transmission and resting? It does appear to have an impact on the system, I slept when I returned home for 3-4 hours. Imogen: Yes, the transmissions can have an impact on the body in terms of the rest needed afterwards - many people report needing sleep/rest afterwards. Water also helps a lot to process energies. As I see the process: There are deep, fundamental energetic movements and openings happening to the entire system as a result of the transmission/attunement, even if we don't see or feel it obviously on the surface level. There's an integration period of the newly assimilated vibrational energetic footprint within the system - some call it a 'shift in consciousness'. Whether that be temporary or abiding, the most intense and tender part of this integration is immediately afterwards - hence recommending rest & water. The impact and dawning implications of a 'shift' like this can go on for days, weeks, months, even years afterwards, our system adapts for the most part very well. But yes, this is why I recommend resting for at least 15 minutes immediately after the transmission. Rest is our body's beautiful mechanism to process life,…

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Energetic Blocks: An Entry Point of Further Wisdom Learning

I often get asked about how to resolve blocked chakras or knots of stagnated energy in the system. My current hypotheses based on my experience working on the energetic level both with myself and others over the years is that I see energetic 'blocks' less of something in your way that needs to be gotten rid of or fixed, and more that there is a contraction of energy, or an unknown/unseen aspect of our experience where there is something we have not been (yet) able to meet with open hearted and loving curiosity. To me 'blocks' are actually where life is calling our attention to. An entry point of further wisdom learning. Contractions where our natural free flow of energetic movement is hindered somewhat for a time. It's not a mistake, it's life's conditioned response and actually a way of protecting us until we are ready and able to move through and be with that particular thing; When there can be capacity to hold it in a bigger context of Self, a bigger context of unconditional love and acceptance. We can learn from these blocks if we don't demonise them from the get-go as something that "shouldn't" be there. If…

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Give It to the Heart

The grip of looking to the mind needs to be loosened, all needs to be given to the heart. All questions, all "need to know" when dropped innocently and openly into the heart of acceptance, the heart of awareness, will find their rest, will find their completion. From there we will notice that life will bloom and flow in all ways that it must. From there we realise that we have no clue, but thankfully enough, we have no need to have a clue. And so we start to really live life, we start to live life from the primordial ground of Being, not from the heights of the head that thinks it knows.

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There is no "stuckness" per se, just our idea of where we need to go and how fast we need to get there in comparison to where we are right now. That whatever is here, whatever appears to be "stuck" here, shouldn't be here at all. That we "should" have passed through this by now. For over a month now I've been waiting for a cutting of our beautiful angel wing begonia to spring roots in water. Each day I'd check in with it... nothing. After several weeks I assumed that nothing was going to happen, it wasn't going to work. Maybe at that point I could have given up on it, assumed it was done for, it wasn't going to grow. But low and behold a week later... some tiny little roots appeared overnight. A few days later and I'm astonished how quickly this little cutting has sprung into life. My point here is... we can't be the judge of progress. We can't assume we're stuck just because on the surface level things aren't going the way we thought they should or planned for them to go. The rhythms and moments of life can often appear confounding and mysterious…

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A Day to Look Beyond Ourselves

It has not gone unnoticed by me that today much of humanity is celebrating in one way or another and looking towards that which unites us... that which is beyond our small personal, egoic human and material lives, and that which we all look to be exemplars of - our Divine Nature, our Christ Consciousness, our Buddha Nature, our Essence, our Primordial Self.   Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, Ramadan, Hanuman Jayanti, or the Full Moon light, each in their own way points to something more, something beyond, something prior to our fleeting human experience. They point to the highest embodiment of our potential, the underlying fabric of existence. They point to what is possible to realise and embody for all of us. They point to those people and stories that modelled for us the chance to find within ourselves the principles of love and acceptance, of compassion and kindness, of courage and strength, of forgiveness and faith.   Our remembrance of our true nature is our highest calling all too often placed too far down in our pre-conditioned priorities of modern life. So it is days like these where much of the world is looking beyond themselves and their…

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Self Love Bottoms Out in Unconditional Acceptance

You may feel unworthy of love, but let me remind you that you ARE love. Love courses through your very being. It is the fabric of your existence. To say you are unworthy of it is like saying the sky is unworthy of being the sky because it has clouds in it. Just because life shows up in a multitude of ways, some of which we deem 'bad' does not make you unworthy of love. In fact it makes it all the more necessary to discover the underlying truth of that love that pervades all, that is the groundless ground of it all - the bedrock of existence. It becomes all the more vital to discover the ground of your love so that you don't get caught in the belief that this or that thought or action IS all there is to you. Make no mistake, your messy humanness IS part of your divinity. It's a part of your story, your path, your love song, just as a knot in a tree trunk is part of the tree. But the thing that courses through your veins and through your very being, IS LOVE. So you might ask how do I…

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An Open Heart, A Kinder World

The deep heartbreak of what is and what has been happening in the world of late brings with it an opportunity to light a fire in the heart in service of lasting change. The willingness to be that change for a better, kinder world starts within us all, with an open, tender and loving heart.   I pray with every breath for peace in the world. Peace on all levels and for all beings. I pray for every individual to sink so fully into their hearts and with that to treat all in this world, inclusive of themselves, with the care and love that is so desperately needed.   We must not only cease the many conflicts in this world, but the conflicts many often face silently every day with the inner most tender, hidden and neglected parts of ourselves. This inner fight all too often spills out into the world in unforeseen ways, and vice versa.   It is not only our omnipresent, transcendent divinity but also our ephemeral, embodied humanity that unifies us. In finding our commonality we can truly celebrate our diversity and our differences, no longer seeing them as a threat of any kind. May all…

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Am I Enlightened?

Am I enlightened: I have no idea. I used to think I knew, I used to think I had some idea. I used to think it was important, I used to think it mattered. But now, now I feel I haven’t got a clue, and to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t care less. I certainly experienced a shift of perspective some years ago, a change of life that certainly blew the cobwebs out! Ken Wilber once said he's “enlightened enough” and that seems like a good enough answer to me. Enlightened enough to see through (most, certainly not all) of my egoic bullshit finally. Enlightened enough to see my true nature shining through. Enlightened enough to recognise that I’m not who and what I once thought I was. Enlightened enough to see my Humanity, and enlightened enough to see my Divinity. But I couldn’t care less how enlightened or un-enlightened you think I am or not. And I couldn’t care less about how enlightened or un-enlightened I come across! What I do care about is life and how life feels to be lived. That tangible direct experience OF life. What I do care about is people and the diverse human…

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Know Thy Self

An exploration of the wisdom and the unexpected gift in allowing yourself to be misunderstood, to be projected upon, to even be demonised in the eyes of someone else, maybe even everyone else... - To not need to defend, to not push away, to not take offence, to not assert their wrongness or your rightness, but instead to use it as a mirror, to take the picture life presents fully in. Yet to do this is the type-rope walking of a very delicate line. To not allow it to get sticky within you, identified, calcified. To not take it personally. To not take ownership except in the context of finding it to be a reflection of something already there in you that needs to be seen, met and transmuted. What you may find might not even be what's being pointed to by the other. So let yourself be along for the ride, welcoming all twists and turns. This is the difference between holding it lightly and easily in your Being, and carrying the heavy load and burden of "I am this", of ownership, of misidentification. To be brave enough to hold it with love and the light/wisdom of seeing, to…

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Evolving Beyond Old Structures

It is a time of great evolution, a time that asks us to go beyond the collective structures that bind us to the heavy ties of past traumas and energetic imprints. We can awaken to our nature, our Self, our transcended reality, but to embody the wholeness of that realisation, that remembrance, we must root out, wash away and dissolve these old energetic fields and densities held within us. Every organ, every cell, every form, every mental reference point must be liberated from our primary orientation to these structures, so that we may embody the full capabilities inherent to us as spirit, in form. This process is not an easy one. The crumbling of structures that have imprinted within themselves even the subtle, slippery belief of the necessity for these very structures. So stepping out of this feels shaky and even wrong. But even though it may feel shaky and unknown there is a deep remembrance of the necessity and more than that, entire correctness of this process. The casting off of these heavy fields is a task that has to happen, but the cost of it feels insurmountable whilst still standing within the structure - like a heavy cloak…

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Healthy Boundaries

When others insist on trying to instilling their judgements and opinions and ideas of how things should or shouldn’t be done it takes a certain amount of courage and fire to hold your boundaries, to not abandon yourself but instead to hold and trust yourself while still staying open hearted and compassionate towards them. To stay true to your own direct experience and to trust that even while staying open to hearing what they're saying or pointing to. It’s all too easy to close the heart as a way of protection but for me this is where relative boundaries of the physical and psychological variety play a beautiful and powerful role. Learning to have good and healthy relative boundaries allows one to fall further into the open spiritual heart, the boundless and all encompassing heart of love beyond even ideas and concepts of love. Love as the subject or description/fragrance of the Self, not as an object or action undertaken fleetingly. This kind of love holds room for even very strong boundaries to push against each other. This kind of love holds room for, but is not eclipsed by even strong conditioning and coercive projections that may be headed your…

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Group Transmissions

Yesterday this came through around the impending restarting of group transmissions this Sunday. The transmissions are in some ways entirely changing as I myself having gone through a deeply transformative time recently in what now seems apparently in preparation for this next step. There was an intense and painful lifting out of what feels like the last layers of deep trauma in my system so that the open field that is accessible to me is very firm, stable and vast. With this, the frequency and lightness of the transmissions have now moved into a different place, and I feel that when we come together the effects of this type of supportive and sacred environment allow for this lifting out of deep collective trauma and densities of conditioning for those participating in the group. There's a washing away of trauma, a purification of the system, that allows for not only the seeing and coming into who you and what you are, but the opening up of Self beyond self. The opening up of Self even beyond the ideas of awakening and enlightenment. I act as a link in the chain or vessel for this transmission to be held and seen in…

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Walking Through Trauma Fields

I want to share what's been going on with me recently, mainly so that people who've been working with me, or following my journey and work over the years can understand where I'm at right now. I've always aimed to be as open and transparent as possible, but more importantly because I see the universality of this process that I find myself in too. And so I hope this blog post can be helpful to others, to encourage us all to lean into what life calls of us rather than trying to find a way around it or even try to bypass it altogether. I encourage you to open up further instead of withdrawing and closing off from a painful process or part of yourself. It's the opening that leads to greater strength and clarity, greater freedom and grounding in one's Self, greater acceptance and love. But I also recognise we are each only able to open when we're able to open, just as the fruit falls from the tree when it's ripe. So this transmission of words is to all of you that find yourself in a position of ripeness. A position of life asking to meet whatever darkness…

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Radical Honesty

Excerpt taken from the May 23rd, 2021 Sunday Satsang talking about the need for radical honesty along the spiritual path of awakening, and the need to have your loyalty be to your direct experience not your conditioned ideas.

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Integrating Your Shadow | Seeker to Seeker Podcast

An interview with Simeon for the Seeker to Seeker Podcast where we speak at length about the shadow and the journey of embracing it. We talk about the nature of awakening and also about the role of relationships, intimate and otherwise, on the spiritual journey... among other things ;)

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Know Yourself – Simply As This | Interview with Susan Hill

Interview for the April 17th, 2021 Summit "Know Yourself - simply as this" by Susan Hill, of WoW Peace. The title of the talk was "Know Yourself - Integrating Humanity" where we talk about knowing yourself as the all-encompassing awareness. And how integrating all of life is a process and a healing of the body mind.

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