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Wisdom Encounters

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Every encounter that we have throughout our lives acts as a mirror back to our Self. In this way I can’t help but be grateful to all those I have met along this journey, this pathless path.

As difficult as it sometimes is to admit, I especially have enormous gratitude to those encounters that have shaken and disturbed me to the core. Even when I’m kicking and screaming like a small child not wanting to take its medicine, the wisdom of life knows better. Always pointing me back to something inside that needs to be seen, or hasn’t yet fully been accepted or fully inhabited in myself. Even now I’m not immune to old behaviours, conditioning and habits that are yet to completely play out and be integrated and synthesised.

Although less and less frequently, I hit into these pockets of un-mined gold as they become unearthed by an interaction or a situation. I always say better they come out into the light of consciousness, than stay hidden in the depths of the shadows. And so I welcome them, these trials, this grit of life, because I know now the wisdom that they bring if one stays open and willing enough.

All of this is unfolding and unwinding gradually, like life is being transformed and re-written from the ground up and I trust that all that needs to be seen will come into the light of Being eventually. It doesn’t hurt that I feel nothing but gratitude for this process and for those that I encounter who have acted as a catalyst for this seeing.

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