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Group Transmissions

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Yesterday this came through around the impending restarting of group transmissions this Sunday.

The transmissions are in some ways entirely changing as I myself having gone through a deeply transformative time recently in what now seems apparently in preparation for this next step. There was an intense and painful lifting out of what feels like the last layers of deep trauma in my system so that the open field that is accessible to me is very firm, stable and vast.

With this, the frequency and lightness of the transmissions have now moved into a different place, and I feel that when we come together the effects of this type of supportive and sacred environment allow for this lifting out of deep collective trauma and densities of conditioning for those participating in the group. There’s a washing away of trauma, a purification of the system, that allows for not only the seeing and coming into who you and what you are, but the opening up of Self beyond self. The opening up of Self even beyond the ideas of awakening and enlightenment.

I act as a link in the chain or vessel for this transmission to be held and seen in each individual; so they can and will come to see their own power and availability of this transmission in themselves. Then their conditioned densities (and ego) will no longer shield them from themSelves, as the purification of trauma fields reveal a more grounded and yet higher ‘base frequency’.

The transmissions while being even gentler, smoother and softer are actually acting in a more powerful energetic way, washing away and purifying all that come into this energy field, like the unstoppable surge of a vast ocean wave.

I feel the group dynamics are precisely what is needed now, more than ever. They provide a deep well of support for collective and ancestral trauma to be witnessed, held and lifted from the systems of the individual, and in turn the collective.

We are living in interesting times indeed…

May the light of life shine brightly in each of us,
May the gratitude and reverence to life itself be known deeply in the heart,
And may we come together for the good of all.

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