• Quotes

    “If something comes along in your experience don’t try to resist, fix, or get rid of it. Instead just see it as passing content in awareness (you). Release the tendrils of identification, let whatever is BE, stay rooted in your heart not your head. Questions will cease to need answering as the heart is a place of acceptance and inclusion of all that arises.”

  • Poetry


    If resistance shows up,
    then let that resistance in too.
    Let it wash over you and into you
    without any sense of wrongness.
    Even resistance in all its glory
    is held tenderly in the depths of Being.
    So fall,
    fall darling one
    into the heart of surrender
    and let life all the way in.
    Even if only for a moment,
    this moment is all it takes.
  • Quotes

    “Awakening isn’t the end it’s the start… The real work begins, the brakes come off, resistance and avoidance or your shit no longer works so everything comes into the light of awareness. Old habits and false notions all laid out to bare… for you to see.”