Here are links to some teachers that have influenced me, some more so than others. I would say seeing what/who works for you is a deeply personal journey, but there are two pieces of advice I could give you:

  1. Question EVERYTHING – don’t assume that because they are asserting something that it’s the Truth. Look to your own experience, use what they are saying as a jumping off point, or a hypothesis to investigate until there is nothing and no-one more to investigate.
  2. Once you find a pointing that resonates or works for you, go all in. Throw everything into that fire, what you are cannot be burnt, only what you are not.

Adyashanti –
Gangaji –
Jeff Foster –
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of TM –
Mooji –
Ramana Maharshi –
Rupert Spira –
Shinzen Young –
Suzanne Segal – Collision with the Infinite
Wayne Liquorman –

For a more specific insight into how these teachers appeared in my life… check out THIS article.