A.S. | Poland

Beyond Imogen is a pure BEing who radiates the Purest, clearest and cleanest energy of intentional help to another, to reconnect with the Essential Truth that underlies what we think we are, while losing ourselves in decades of futile seeking. I’ve worked with Her many times and never did she fail to respond to the need of a moment. Not once was I turned away. She is an amazing and wonderful “Healer” of all layers of delusions, a friend and a truly genuinely woman who cares about the betterment for another and entire Planet, knowing that we are all ONE. She truly carries Golden Rule at Heart and delivers pure Heartful service, I saw in not many out there. She will help you make right decisions and detect your Soul’s compass at Heart so you follow the guidance of Source Connection once purified to better stillness waters of your own inner Knowing. She combines Love with Wisdom in a way is truly unique and lives so present in the moment as if she was not affected by space time and dwells truly Beyond. The recognition she gives another is like being met in Satsang with most Royal like Being who Gives You full attention. I’d definitely recommend her service and will say it’s worth more than any price she can put on Her offering. Yet She expects nothing, never turns away those who have little to nothing. Truth, Kindness, Genuinity, Sincerity, Purity, Love and Fierce Love when needed, and best intentions seem to be Her Lighthouse and she shines it well onto you, so you can heal faster, recalibrate your field. Gather all pieces of Yourself and Integrate after – post awakening syndrome. She is very tuned in and intuitive and Radiates something that words can NOT simply defy. Hence – Beyond. You can only Feel it via working with her.  –  Feb. 2020