D.L. | Argentina

Finding Imogen has been a blessing. Taking a seven day retreat with her, the experience of what it means to be on a spiritual path from the everyday has been revolutionised. It has become organic, bodily. I come from Gñana yoga and because of my personality the path of discernment was natural to me. It has helped me a lot and has allowed me to experience the Space of Silence that I am occasionally and spontaneously. But with Imogen this has gone a step further. And it is the inclusion of deeper parts of me beyond the mind and it’s tranquility to be able to glimpse what It is. It is FEELING a loving energy that interpenetrates us and vibrates in every pore of our body and enables the connection with our intuition with the body as an intermediary. My life has had a ‘before and after’ after the retreat.  –  Jan. 2021