D.P. | USA

Imogen is the rarest of spiritual teachers, an authentically awakened being who eschews all the trappings of superiority that so often attend the persona or role of the “enlightened.” Moreover, she brings a unique sensibility to her teaching, one that avoids the temptations to spiritual bypassing that can follow from recognition of non-duality. Instead of saying the gunky, messy “stuff” of life is to be discarded in pursuit of the highest forms of consciousness, Imogen insists that that stuff — anger, grief, joy, confusion, heartache, happiness, devotion — is in fact the real fuel of our path. As a teacher, she draws on this balanced, delicate sensibility, with its embrace of both the human aspects of our being and the divine substratum so often forgotten, and helps students to awaken to their spiritual potential without getting caught in the cultural pretenses of what is “spiritual” and what is not. As a non-dualist, for Imogen, both are spiritual, and her ability to inculcate this wildly paradoxically truth in her students is only one of her many virtues. Beyond all such lofty sophistication, she’s also one of the kindest and most patient human beings I’ve encountered on the path and I cannot recommend working with her enough.  –  Jan. 2021