E.R. | Sweden

I have been a seeker for Truth with many spiritual teachers and teachings throughout the last 15 years. Have been using Life though as THE most important teacher, especially in the embodiment phase of awakening. Have had several sessions with Transmissions lately with Imogen which has been extremely valuable and helpful in a very intense period for instance helping me to ground and balance my nervous system which has been very active meeting and releasing trauma. Meeting Imogen has almost felt like the last missing piece of the puzzle, a feeling of ‘welcome home’ and finally meeting what I call “Zero fear”. The ordinary feeling like “What was all that seeking about?”. Like the circle is complete in a way. Love the way Imogen interacts in a soft loving way, with laser sharp deep wisdom in a down-to-earth and kind way of being. Can warmly recommend a session with Imogen!  –  Dec. 2019